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Finding & Buying : What’s the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

What's the best vacuum cleaner?

How effective are vacuum cleaners?

A vacuum cleaner is a device equipped with an air pump whose mission is to suck up dust and the smallest dirt. These small appliances were born as an alternative to brooms, since their mission is the same, but with the aim of requiring less effort.

In general, vacuum cleaners are machines that consist of a long tube whose end is the one that is in charge of vacuuming. This is connected to a tank that incorporates a bag (or not), usually with wheels so you can move around the house comfortably. 

The aforementioned tube usually incorporates an ergonomic part that the user must hold to access each corner. The best and most innovative models are autonomous robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair. These roam the house in search of dirt without relying on user management.

What's the best vacuum cleaner

Best Value for Money Vacuum Cleaners: Information on the 7 Main Brands

What's the best vacuum cleaner?

When analyzing the best value for money vacuum cleaners, it is normal to ask yourself which are the main manufacturers on the market. There are quite a few brands, so we are going to select the seven most outstanding.


Taurus is, with all of the law, one of the most notable brands in terms of best value for money vacuum cleaners. Of Spanish origin, it was founded in the 1960s. 

It operates in more than 80 countries around the world and attaches special importance to the vacuum and cleaning category. In its catalogue, you will find both broom-type, bagless, bagged, handheld and robot vacuum cleaners with great value for money.


Here is one of the best brands that you can choose and buy according to numerous reviews. Rowenta’s great value for money vacuum cleaners stand out for their extraordinary power, which translates into an enormous capacity to suck up dust and spilled liquids. 

Rowenta is a German manufacturer of small household appliances with extensive experience in the market. It has been operating since 1884 and, therefore, it could not be missing from this buying guide.


Bosch is another of the greats in the field of the best vacuum cleaners in terms of value for money. Based in Germany, it is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of all types of household appliances. 

Go ahead and compare and choose between the bagless, bagged and cordless vacuum cleaners with the best ratings and opinions of this firm.

What's the best vacuum cleaner


Polti is an Italian company dedicated to the small electrical appliance industry. We include it in this comparative table of great value for money vacuum cleaners due to its excellent features. 

The vacuum cleaners sold by this brand are equipped with the latest technologies, such as multi-cyclone technology. For this reason, they pass all product tests.


Philips is one of the biggest and best technology companies in the world. In any study of vacuum cleaners or other household appliances, this brand will undoubtedly appear.

Given that its field of operations is fundamentally in the field of electronics, the vacuum cleaners it sells are state-of-the-art. Its suction power allows you to suck up 99.99% of the dust.


The range of vacuum cleaners that Cecotec sells is very wide. If you don’t know which great value vacuum cleaner to buy, this firm that has been on the market since 1995 may have the answer. 

Among its purchase options, robot vacuum cleaners stand out, whose quality-price ratio is exceptional in view of its technical characteristics.


AEG’s value-for-money vacuum cleaner offering is worth mentioning. This manufacturer is always one of the most recommended and best according to user reviews. 

This is explained by the suction power of its models, as well as its innovative specifications. The latest devices incorporate Precision Flow technology that guarantees optimal precision in each vacuuming session.

What's the best vacuum cleaner

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