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What Is Berber Carpet Made Of?​ A Complete Guide 2023

What is berber carpet made of?

There are five basic types of Berber rugs: 100% nylon, 100% wool, 100% olefin (polypropylene), polyester (PET – often made from recycled soda bottles), and blends. What is berber carpet made of? Nylon comes in branded or unbranded varieties. The brands refer to brands of nylon fibers, such as: Honeywell’s Anso, DuPont’s Stainmaster, and Solutia’s Wear-Dated, not the carpet or carpet name brands.

Types of Berber Carpets

Berber is a specific carpet fabric made with many uniform loops. It is known for its durability and low maintenance needs. Berber also acts as a good insulator, keeping heat and sound inside the carpeted room. The most common types of Berber are wool, nylon, and olefin; each fiber has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all offer the Berber-style appearance.


What is berber carpet made of?

Here, the question arises is that what is berber carpet made of? The answer is quite simple because there comes a variety that a berber carpet is made of. The common type of berber carpets are wool, nylon and olefin. All of these are described below:


Wool is more expensive than other types of Berber, but it has several advantages over cheaper varieties. Wool is a natural fiber that does not allow bacteria to grow and is also renewable and environmentally friendly. It tends to be the most durable, and doesn’t show fingerprints or vacuum marks like some cheaper fibers. 

Wool is also an excellent option for allergy and asthma sufferers, as it does not release any allergens into the air. Because the fibers are natural, berber wool feels softer and provides greater cushioning, but should not be cleaned with a lot of water because the fibers can shrink if they become too wet. 

Berber wool carpet cleaner stick; Strong chemicals can strip lanolin from natural wool and remove hypoallergenic quality from carpet.


Nylon is a very robust type of Berber that wears very well and is easy to clean and maintain. It is less expensive than wool, but more expensive than olefin and provides durability for a lower price than natural fibers. 

Nylon resists stains, mildew and mildew and also maintains its best olefin form, which means that a nylon carpet looks newer for more. Nylon berbers also retain their color, which prevents them from looking dull.


Olefin is a polypropylene fiber that is normally cheaper than nylon or wool. Olefin resists non-oil based stains, and is easy to clean but tends to discolor over time as dirt builds up on ties. Olefin also crushes more easily than wool or nylon, so look for a high-density mat, it means more fibers in each loop, which will help the Berbers retain their shape. 

Olefin has a low flash point, which means that the fibers melt or burn at low temperatures; Heavy furniture should not be dragged across the floor and hot tools should be kept away from the carpet. Experts disagree on whether olefin is a good investment, but its price is an affordable option for most carpet buyers interested in Berber weave.

Mixture of Different Fibers

Many Berbers on the market are a mixture of different fibers, so it is important to be clear about exactly what type of carpet you are buying. Blended rugs can possess any variety of traits depending on the materials they contain, but it is difficult to predict exactly how the carpet will behave once it is in your home. 

Research the exact composition of the carpet before purchasing and research each individual component to get an idea of the quality of the mix.


Berber comes in traditional one-piece rugs, as well as carpet tiles. Tiles are quick and easy to install and generally include a carpet pad, so the carpet can be installed in a single layer. Berber tiles can vary widely in appearance and quality. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a consistent result.

Methods to Clean Berber Carpets

Cleaning Problems

Carpet cleaning companies such as ICS Specialist Cleaning note that Berber olefin carpets are the most difficult carpet to clean and warn of the use of bleaching products that can remove stains from the carpet, but reactivate each time it is put on the wet carpet.


Berber carpets or rugs can be exceptionally beautiful and offer attributes such as very narrow commercial loops that are excellent for applications such as wheelchair movement (when glued down). Any carpet can have problems and it is always a good option to research the types of fibers in terms of cleanliness, durability, and appearance longevity before purchasing a carpet. 

Wool and wool / nylon blends continue to be the standard in terms of how they are made over time and in terms of positive customer reviews. Berber olefins remain popular for their low cost and resistance to staining.

Berber carpet vacuum cleaner

For the cleaning of berber carpets, it is necessary to use good quality of a vacuum cleaner. We review some of the best vacuum for berber carpets that are helpful to powerfully suck pet hair, long hair, dust, debris. 

What is berber carpet made of?​
berber carpet cleaning

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