Comparison between Toro 51619 vs 51621: What Should Be Your Pick?

Toro 51619 vs 51621

One of the tools that can help you with clearing off all the debris and leaves from your garden or yard is a leaf vacuum cleaner. Whether you look for a leaf vac online or in person, one name that constantly comes up is of Toro leaf vacuum cleaners. Both toro 51619 vs 51621 are considered as the best leaf vacuum mulcher that works efficiently and gives you a clean and fresh garden or yard. Known for their exceptional quality and dependable, durable models, toro 51619 and toro 51621 vacs have made their mark in the world of leaf vacuums. But which one of them is better? The detail about both these leaf vacuums to conclude which one is worth investing in. The best comparison between toro 51619 vs 51621 is further described below.


Toro 51619 vs 51621

Quick Comparison Toro 51619 vs 51621 - Top Rated Products


Now, on the first, general look, both toro leaf blower 51619 parts and 51621 come in vibrant red color with a large strong handle and a power cord attached to the vacuum. 

They both are well-made, sturdy, bagged handheld vacuums. Both of them outdoor vacuum have metal impellers attached to the motors instead of plastic ones from the previous models. This makes the vacuuming process very strong and makes sure that all leaves and even small twigs are efficiently shredded and ground. The best commercial leaf vacuums Toro Ultra 51619 and Toro 51621 both have the maximum airspeed of 250 mph so both these models are very powerful vacuums to work with because they both have 12 Amp motors installed. 

Toro 51619 ultra electric blower vac is so strong that it can reduce 3-4 times more leaves than Toro 51621. They both work effortlessly to clear out even the stubborn debris. 

Now even though they both have the feature of variable airspeed control, there are some differences as well.  One of them is just the addition of the word ‘Ultra plus’ on Toro 51621. Toro 51619 just has ‘Ultra’. The ‘Ultra Plus’ is basically signifying the 3 in 1 feature of Toro 51621. It is a leaf blower, shredder, and vacuum all in one while toro electric blower 51619 is just a blower and a vacuum. 

The speed control assists both toro ultra 51619 and toro ultraplus 51621 to transition between their two power modes i.e. the Blower Mode and Vacuum mode with speeds of 350 CFM and 410 CFM respectively. 

Toro 51619’s powerful airstream blower collects and reduces 88% of the mulched debris and leaves to barely ½ an inch on the ground. On the other hand, Toro 51621 works to bring 97% of mulched debris to ½ an inch using the same blower. So Toro 51621 wins over here with a slight edge. 


Toro 51619 weighs about 8.5 lbs while toro ultra blower vac manual 51621 weighs just a little bit more at 8.9 lbs. However, both these models are very lightweight blower vacuum mulcher overall so handling them is fairly very easy. This can be considered as the best vacuum for leaf mulcher.

Toro 51621 has a comparatively longer vacuum tube and so it brings some variation in both of their dimensions. Toro leaf vacuum 51619 measures 9x41x14 inches while Toro 51621 has 9x45x14 inches dimensions. 

Although this does not change its vacuuming power or overall strength and ability, it does limit its usage. Because toro blower vac 51621 has longer dimensions, it is not suitable for use by short people. Similarly, toro leaf blower reviews toro ultra 51619 is not good for taller people because then they would have to lean and bend over to make sure they cover all the spots and the whole area is cleaned. 

Despite this minimal inconvenience, both these vacs are easy to carry around your garden or yard because of their quick releasing latch. This helps the change over from blower to vacuum without using any external or additional tools. But toro blower vac parts 51621 has shown more efficiency in picking up wet leaves than toro 51619 lowes models. So, apparently, there is a tie here between both of them. 

Users’ feedback after using the Toro 51621:

Absolute powerhouse! This is about the 51621 model. My gas-powered leaf blower/vacuum broke so I thought I would try an electric one.


Honestly, the attachments provided with each of these models is what makes one better than the other. Both toro 51619 ultra blower red and toro 51621 review come with the main attachments of a power insert and a concentrator nozzle. 

Additionally, you get an amazing Shred-all Shreds ring and an Oscillating Nozzle with Toro 51621. The Shreds-all Shreds ring works with the impeller to improve mulching and thus increases the overall efficiency of the vacuum. 

The oscillating nozzle is what makes the toro leaf blower parts 51621 an upgraded version of the toro 51619 ultra electric blower vac. This nozzle is designed specially to make cleaning more effective. It works automatically to bring air back and forth. This widens the blowing path, hence saving extra movement and effort by collecting debris and leaves conveniently. Toro blow leaves 51619 works better than toro ultra blower vac 51609.

Other than that, additional attachments in both Toro 51619 and Toro 51621 variable speed are the vacuum tubes, bottom zip bag (to collect debris and leaves), and a cord storage hook so that the power cord remains secured. In this case, it is evident that the additional features that come along toro super blower vac 51621 help it to go up a notch in comparison to toro leaf blowers 51619. So, Toro 51621 leads here. 

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It all comes down to money now. This is a factor that could possibly change your inclination from Toro 51621 to Toro ultra 51619 (or vice versa). Even though both these models come with a 2 year from Toro leaf mulcher, they do have different prices respectively. Toro 51618 vs toro 51619 ultra electric blower vac retails for $74.97 while toro 51621 lowes is available for $110.63. Although this isn’t a very drastic price variation, it does make a difference.

Both these prices are exclusive of the cost of an extension cord which is not included in the attachments. You have to buy it separately if you want one. Despite having the same motor and airspeed, toro ultra plus vs ultra 51621 is pricier than Toro 51619 because of its attachments. Hence, if you don’t want to spend a lot on them, toro ultra blower vac 51619 manual is the go-to choice. 

Which toro vacuum is best for me?

Having compared both toro leaf blower bag 51619 and toro 51621 ultraplus leaf blower vacuum, Toro 51621 is a better choice to go for. It is more versatile, easier to handle and its attachments are worth the price point that it comes with. 

It’s a 3 in 1 device and is pretty good for covering a wide range of areas. However, in case you want to save up on some bucks, go for Toro Ultra blower vac 51619. It works just as well as toro ultraplus 51621 leaf blower but at a lower price.    

Toro 51621 is the best choice out of the two.

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