Shark Retractable Cord Vacuum 2023

Shark Vacuum with Retractable Cord

The Shark Retractable Cord Vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that is cordless and lightweight. It has a retractable cord and it can be used on carpets, pet hair, and car.

Shark is a company that has been around for many years and they have always been a frontrunner in the vacuum cleaner industry. They have released their retractable cord vacuum cleaner to the market and it is now available for purchase.

This vacuum has many features that make it stand out from the rest of them on the market. The vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor that makes it suitable for all types of surfaces.

Shark Retractable Cord Vacuum

Shark Vacuum Filters

Shark Navigator Pet ZU62 Review: The Features

Shark Retractable Cord Vacuum

Key Specifications

Here is a list of all the specifications and features of the Shark Pet Pro ZU62.

Additional Features

Each Shark upright vacuum is unique because of its features. Shark is loved by Americans and around the world for its innovative technology.

The Shark Navigator ZU62 reviews show that it will lack the DuoClean or Powered Lift-away technologies found in newer models like the Shark AZ1002. There’s a lot to love, as you’ll see below.

Zero-M Technology (Self-Cleaning Brush Roll)

A vacuum that sucks up hair efficiently and doesn’t require manual epilation is everyone’s dream.

Shark has already addressed this concern with Zero-M technology. This proven method allows the roller brush to remove tangled hairs while you clean. It is possible to intervene manually occasionally, but it is not perfect.


Shark vacuums have great suction and this one is no exception. The beauty of this unit is that it works just as well with the accessories as it does with the main unit.

Only two reasons why vacuuming can reduce clogged filters and a full dust cup are possible. Both of these issues can be fixed and you will have fade-free suction no matter how long your vacuum.

Large Dust Cup

The Shark Navigator ZeroM Pet Pro is capable of cleaning your entire home, no matter how dirty it gets. This bin can be used for several cleaning tasks in some homes. It measures about 3 liters.

This tank can be easily emptied and rinsed unlike very large ones. When the container is full, empty it. This ensures that the dirt doesn’t stick long enough to start giving off odors.

Shark Retractable Cord Vacuum

Portability and Maneuverability

This vacuum is ranked among the best Shark upright vacuums because of its dynamic swivel steering. It is easy to maneuverer and can be elevated comfortably. It is also lightweight at 7kg. It is very easy to use.

Shark Navigator Pet Pro ZU62 features an extendable hose that makes cleaning stairs and above ground areas easy. It also has a reach of 3.7m.

We recommend purchasing an under-device brush for cleaning under furniture. The vacuum cleaner cannot be folded flat and is not compact enough.


The Shark Navigator PetPro Upright Vacuum is corded. The 25-foot cord length makes it ideal for most homes. This power cord has a drawback: it is not retractable and takes time to put away.

For convenience, we prefer longer power cords. This is sufficient for small to medium-sized rooms.


Always research the filtering system used by any vacuum cleaner before you decide to buy one. You won’t be able to enjoy a clean environment after vacuuming.

Lightweight shark vacuum cleaners feature the most advanced filtration technology. Shark ZU62 has a HEPA filter that is supported by Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. This captures more than 99.9% of particles.

HEPA filter

This means that most, if not all, allergens such as dust and pollen will be trapped in the vacuum. This is great news for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Multi-surface cleaning

Although it may seem obvious, it is important to remember that this vacuum is all-terrain. It is able to remove embedded food particles, pet hair and other dirt from carpets with remarkable efficiency. It can also pick up dirt and dust from hard floors.

The brush roll stop feature makes it easy to transition between carpets and hard floors. You don’t have to worry about leaving marks or scratches on bare, delicate floors.


Shark Navigator Zero M Pet Pro ZU62 includes dusting brush and upholstery tool. They can be attached to the pipe or wand depending on how far your pet needs to travel.

Duster Crevice Tool

The vacuum also has two storage slots, making it easy to store them. We would prefer three slots for accessories. It remains only to decide what to do about the additional attachment. 

An electric pet brush for your pets and an under-device tool wand for reaching under furniture are also great additions. Attachments will always come in handy.

Shark Navigator Pet ZU62 Review: Summary of Features and Specifications

Yes, you can rinse the Shark HEPA filter if you give it enough time to dry. 24 hours is a rule of thumb to ensure that all moisture has dried and air can pass through the HEPA filter without any problem.


Our Verdict

This vacuum is a champion compared to its peers. Its suction is amazing and won’t fade whether you’re using the attachments or the main unit. The cleaning efficiency is also impressive. It can deep clean carpets as well as hard floors.

The Shark Navigator Zero M Pet Pro ZU62 is a great choice for pet parents looking for all-around cleaning. You will benefit from Zero-M technology and enjoy adequate filtration at over 99.9% success. It also has a large dirt cup.

We don’t like the 7.6m power cord. However, it is retractable and would make storage easier. We also would have liked to see LED lights on this device. This vacuum cleaner is fantastic and much more efficient than the high-priced models.

Without a doubt, you will get value for your investment. You may also want to consider other options if you are looking for the latest Shark technologies such as Zero-M and DuoClean electric lift. Shark AZ1002 and Shark NV80 are excellent alternatives.

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