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Decoding Excellence: Sebo ET 1 vs ET 2 – High-Quality Content for the Elite in Vacuum Technology Comparison

Sebo ET 1 vs ET 2

Buying a new vacuum machine or central vacuum cleaner system can be pretty expensive. Moreover, the Sebo ET 1 vs ET 2 vacuums we have been using for so long would go to waste. In order to upgrade the old vacuums with modern equipment, a vacuum is one’s best partner.

Sebo comes under the No.1 vacuum cleaner brands because of its high-quality and great performance. Sebo upright vacuum cleaners have great suction power and are literally maintenance-free. As you swirl the best canister vacuum with a powerhead over the surface, it sucks every dirt to germ particle. However, it can be a little difficult to decide which Sebo air belt to choose. Sebo ET 1 or Sebo ET 2?

Sebo Et1 vs ET2

Brand Products Review - Our Quick Comparison Guide of Sebo ET 1 vs ET 2


Sebo german vacuum cleaner’s innovative design in the powerheads makes home cleaning easier than ever. The Sebo is the best vacuum cleaner and both Sebo ET 1 and ET 2, contain the exact same design which is Sebo automatic specific. In the most famous vacuum cleaner companies, Sebo is also one of the popular vacuum brands.

Around maneuverable furniture and obstacles in the house, Sebo dart offers 180-degree steering ability. This makes it easy for the powerheads to rotate and adjust accordingly. Furthermore, with the low profile height of the powerheads, it aids in swiping dirt off the stairs and even under the furniture.

L-shaped brush is truly effective for wiping dust off the edges and under counters. Many times our cabinets are filled with edibles, toiletries, and other hygienic items but with dust on the corners. Sebo not only wipes off every bit of dirt but set them germ-free.

Another important feature both Sebo handheld vacuums shares in common is the adjustable manual height. There is a four-level manual brush height that can be adjusted according to convenience. In case, one is unable to adjust it correctly, a warning light shows up as an intelligent technology indication. This warning light indicates the incorrect height of the brushes as well as worn out brushes.

After the warning light shows up, the powerheads automatically shut off. This not only saves power but also marks the safety of the belt and motor. Thumbs up to the commendable design!

At the back of the powerheads, the clog removal door is present. The door gives access to remove obstruction or clogs that stopped the cleaning operation.

Comparing the design, Sebo bagless vacuum ET 1 and ET 2 are identical.


Sebo vacuum cleaner brands and prices are high due to their efficient performance. The Sebo gadgets are exclusively famous for their long-lasting performance. Sebo is long-lasting and can be easily used without maintenance for 15-20 years. Both ET 1 and ET 2 provide great suction power to cleave off debris of every kind. 

A visible and detectable difference can be noticed within the width of the powerheads though. Sebo’s ET 1 has a 12-inches, (10.5-inches cleaning path) ET 2 provides 15 inches, (13-inches cleaning path). A greater width means more suction, Hence greater cleaning power. So comparing the suction power based on width, Sebo ET 2 has more suction ability.

Sebo canister vacuum cleaner is on the vacuum cleaner manufacturers list. The powerheads effectively clean every type of floor surface and bring back the lost shine. Let it be carpeted floor, tiled bathrooms, or lounge hardwood, Sebo is the cleaning solution. It is connected directly to the central vacuum that runs on direct power. Thus, again the suction is great.

Excellent deep clean performance is visible on hand-knit carpet to carpeted flooring. However, for hand-knit and delicate rugs brush roller is switched off and straight suction is enabled.

Coming to pet fur found in most homes, Sebo ET 1 and ET 2 is the best pet hair. Amazing pet hair suction power property enables the pet hair to be removed from sofa to floor everywhere. Thus, no more allergens to cause allergies.

Ultra low profile bodies can easily glide under furniture. Along with steering ability, it easily moves against all the obstacles and cleans even the unreachable areas.

Moreover, the Sebo powerhead comes with secure technology too. With automatic shut off, belt motors and carpets are far away from damage.

In accordance with the performance, none other than the central vacuum can beat Sebo ET 1 and ET 2. However, when it comes to more cleaning and suction power it depends on cleaning width. With a greater cleaning width, Sebo ET 2 wins in the performance race Sebo ET 1.


It is one of the expensive German vacuum cleaners because it provides portability to its customers. The portability includes the ease to carry the powerheads while cleaning. The points mentioned below will help determine whether Sebo upright vacuums ET 1 is more portable or ET 2.

Comparing the weight of the Sebo vacuum accessories, the Sebo ET 1 powerhead weighs 6.59lbs. Whereas, Sebo ET 2 weighs 7lbs. ET 1 is slightly lighter in weight.

When it comes to dimensions they have a slight variation. Sebo ET 1 is 16x14x4 inches (approximately). It is more compatible than a robot vacuum. Meanwhile, ET 2 extra-wide power is 15x15x5 inches. However, the cleaning path width of ET 1 is 10.5 and that of ET 2 is 13 inches. Thus there is a minor variation in the dimensions, making ET 1 smaller in size.

The ultra-low profile of the powerheads can easily glide under furniture. On the other side, Wheels easily slide on surfaces. This reflects the idea that less effort is required to push thus causing less strain over the wrists.

Exchanging and removing brush rollers that come along is super convenient and comprehensible. Press the button, and within a few seconds, the brush rolls can be pulled out cleaned, and put back into place. Specially designed bristles aid in cleaning dusting off and even trapping the tiniest sluggish pet hair.

Almost both are identical in weight and dimensions. However, if a single choice has to be made considering portability and ease to handle, the votes are with Sebo ET 1.

User’s feedback after using the Sebo ET 2 Central Vacuum:

“Powerhead has good power and suction. It is also very quiet. It makes vacuuming almost fun. Love it. Very good buy”

Which one is better Sebo ET 1 vs ET 2?

It comes under the top vacuum cleaner brands because of its claim 5-years warranty and commendable performance. It ranks Sebo vacuums at the top in the best vacuum reviews.

Sebo ET 1 and ET 2 both come with shiny black, red, and white bodies. An individual can make a choice depending on the furniture or color of the central vacuum at home. It is the german vacuum cleaner manufacturer’s brand.

Comparing it with Dyson vacuum cleaners, Miele vacuum cleaners, Oreck vacuum cleaner it works better than all. As compared to the best vacuum cleaner robot; when contrasting the best vacuum cleaning, it usually shows that the Sebo ET 1 and ET 2 share the same design and performance activity. However, Sebo Et 1 is a little lesser in cost due to its lesser width of the cleaning path. Meanwhile, ET 2 takes a few extra bucks with a little larger cleaning path. The cleaning width is the only noticeable difference between the two that shows an impact on suction ability.

Sebo Et 2 is a better choice out of the two.

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