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How often should the car be vacuumed?

Buying a car vacuum cleaner is a necessary investment. It is the easiest way to ensure that we clean the dust off our car thoroughly, without having to spend extra money on brushes or cleaners that will not remove the dust completely.

But either way, even with a deep clean, we recommend vacuuming your car weekly to prevent dust buildup and as a form of maintenance. Remember that your car is one of the spaces you frequent the most during the day, so for greater comfort, you must keep it clean and in good condition.

how to vacuum car carpet

How to vacuum car carpet?

Tips for cleaning your car with a cordless or manual vacuum cleaner

Before cleaning

Discard or save larger objects – You must remove all the elements that are going to bother when vacuuming. These items will typically be keys, coins, wrappers, sunglasses, or if you have children, toys. 

In general, you should remove anything important that is smaller in size, that can be sucked up by the nozzle of the handheld vacuum cleaners for cars, multipurpose cleaner or the model of your choice. You must also remove all valuables and things that can get in your way. 

In addition, this could be a good opportunity for you to organize the belongings that you have forgotten inside the vehicle and separate the objects of lesser and greater importance that you keep inside it.

Remove the rugs and covers for a better cleaning – Take out the rugs to facilitate the vacuuming process. In fact, once we have them out we will take the opportunity to clean them, wash them if necessary and vacuum them separately.

how to vacuum car carpet

Divide the cleaning into rounds

For a better use of the vacuum cleaner, we recommend doing two rounds of cleaning. 

Although this may take a little longer, it is a way to ensure that your car will stay clean for an extended period of time. 

You do not have to do this type of cleaning all the time, you can do it every 15 days, if you do not have enough time.

Shallow vacuuming

The first round of vacuuming is a shallow cleaning. We recommend placing a thin sock on the mouthpiece for this task. The sock will serve as a filter and we will be able to collect those smaller objects such as earrings, coins or small parts that you do not want to lose, but that can be found inside your vehicle. 

Most of the car vacuum cleaners include in their characteristics a removable container to easily recover these parts in case this first step is not carried out.

Deep vacuuming

For deep vacuuming you should start with the rear seats and then move on to the front seats. In this way you will ensure that you do not leave any corner without vacuuming. 

You can start at the back of the seats, continue with the gaps on the sides of the seats (this with a narrower grout), then work your way to the center of the seats and finish on the floor. You can finally vacuum between the front seats, where the handbrake is, and the inside of the doors. 

When you finish cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, you can finish with a damp cloth, in this way you can get rid of the dust that you may have raised during the vacuuming.

how to vacuum car carpet

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