How to unclog a central vacuum cleaner?

How to unclog a central vacuum cleaner?

Turn on the vacuum system and connect the hose to the inlet valve. What remains of the clog should be sucked through the system. Central Vacuum Systems are more powerful than individual vacuums and do not tend to clog. If you find that your built-in vacuum is clogged, there are ways you can try cleaning it.

Step 1: Owner's manual

Always read the owner’s manual for information before beginning any maintenance work.

How to unclog a central vacuum cleaner

Step 2: Locate the obstruction

Usually you will notice a clog when you connect the hose to an inlet valve and there is no suction.

Step 3: Check the vacuum hose

Unplug the hose from the inlet valve and make sure it is not the hose that is clogged. To do this, put a marble or ball bearing in the hose to see if it will go all the way through.

How to unclog a central vacuum cleaner

Step 4: The hose is blocked

If the marble does not pass through the hose, the hose is clogged. The hose may be cleaned by placing it on the reverse inlet valve and allowing the built-in vacuum to remove the clog. It is not a good idea. You can simply transfer the obstruction to the central system. Therefore, clean the hose with a stiff wire such as a wire rack with a light hook on the end. Insert the cable and try to twist it into the obstruction to remove it. Be careful not to damage the hose while doing this.

Step 5: The hose is not blocked

If the marble passes through the hose, the clog is in the system. Furthermore, a  central vacuum hose replacements for your Kirby G4, SEBO, Electrolux, Miele, and more, take the hose out after every 4-5 months for cleaning purposes.

Step 6 - Check all inlet valves

You know that an inlet valve is not getting suction. Check each of the other valves in case there are others. If there are, this will help isolate the location of the obstruction.

Step 7: Use another vacuum

Run a separate vacuum to the clogged inlet valve. Turn off the integrated system and remove the cylinder cap. Additionally, put the vacuum hose on the inlet valve as tightly as possible and turn it on. Hopefully, the vacuum will suck up the clog. Turning the best vacuum cleaner for dogs on and off multiple times can help loosen the clog.

Step 8 - Plumbers snake

If the clog cannot be sucked out, you should try a plumber’s snake. Moreover, it’s not a good idea to try to push the clog further into the system, so use a snake with a claw that can latch onto the clog and pull it out. Insert the snake into the inlet valve and into the vacuum tube. When you get to the clog, you can rotate it so that the claw engages part of the trunk and pulls it out of the inlet valve. Repeat the process until you have removed most of the clog.

Turn on the vacuum system and connect the hose to the inlet valve. What remains of the clog should be sucked through the system.

How to unclog a central vacuum cleaner

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