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How to repair a vacuum cleaner hose? – 9 Efficient Ways

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repair

Most vacuum cleaners with retractable cord suck dirt out of the vacuum hose even when the vacuum is in floor cleaning mode. Dirt is picked up by rollers at the base of the vacuum and sucked up by the hose that wraps up and over the sweeper handle. 

If the hose is disconnected, it can be used as a nozzle device with special attachments or cleaning rod. While this design is convenient, it does present a problem. If the vacuum hose becomes clogged, the entire sweeper is out of commission until the hose is repaired.

How to repair a vacuum cleaner hose

How to clean vacuum cleaner hose?


Step 1:

Unplug the vacuum and move outdoors if possible. If that’s not possible, lay a drop cloth on the floor to prevent dust and dirt from the vacuum hose from staining the floor.

Step 2:

Locate the two places where the vacuum hose connects to the base of the vacuum. Pull one side of the vacuum hose up and out of the base. 

Step 3:

Quickly move the end of the hose off the vacuum cleaner and into the garbage bag. Shake vigorously to move all loose dirt and debris down the hose and into the vacuum cleaners bag

Step 4:

Rest the end of the hose on the ground. Pull the other end of the hose out of the base of the vacuum and repeat the steps above.

Step 5:

Shine the flashlight through the hose to locate the obstruction. Determine the location of the obstruction and how far from the end of the hose. Unclasp and straighten the wire hanger. 

Step 6:

Attach the wire hook to the end of the hose closest to the obstruction. Push the hook through the obstruction and move in a circular motion to dislodge the obstruction.

Step 7:

Remove the wire hanger. Hold the tube vertically over the garbage bag. Shake the tube until the obstruction falls out of the hose.

Step 8:

Send a base sweeper and check the holes where the Clog hose is inserted. Insert your fingers into the holes to locate any obstructions that may not be visible. Manually remove the clogs.

Step 9:

Reattach vacuum hose to sweeper. Plug in the vacuum and for any further problems.

Tips and Warnings

If you suffer from allergies, wear a face mask when working on your sweeper. Dust and allergens will be released into the air during the process. A mask will prevent you from breathing.

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