How to clean vacuum cleaner hose? – 9 Super Easy Steps

How to remove vacuum hose?

Anyone with house cleaning experience knows the telltale signs of a clogged vacuum cleaner when they see them. 

The vacuum sounds normal but loses much of its dirt capacity through the suction hose. The clog grows bigger and bigger as debris continues to collect around the existing clog, until the pipe becomes seriously clogged. 

Furthermore, the vacuum hose of retractable cord vacuum cleaners must then be released using an object such as a coat hanger, broomstick or second vacuum cleaner.

How to clean vacuum cleaner hose

How to clean vacuum cleaner hose?

Step 1

Check the vacuum cleaner bag to make sure it is not full. Vacuum cleaners often lose suction when the bag is too full, which can be mistaken for a clog inside the pipe.

Step 2

Check the vacuum cleaner brush attachment at the end of the hose. Many times, plant debris lodges in the bristles of the brush instead of continuing to the rest of the hose. If the clog is in the brush, simply pull the bristles free with your fingers.

Step 3

Remove the brush, turn on the vacuum and lift your hand in and out of the end of the hose quickly several times. The repeated movement sometimes causes the blockage to dislodge from the inside of the tube. If the obstruction persists, continue to the next step.

How to clean vacuum cleaner hose

Step 4

Take from any other vacuum cleaner accessories. Therefore, if you were using the plastic straight tube fitting, remove and look through the opening to check for blockages.

Step 5

Dislodge any obstructions in the tube fitting using a broom handle. Simply slide the broom handle into the tube and material with the other end of the force.

Step 6

Look inside the flexible part of the hose for anything that has gotten inside. You may need a small flashlight to see clearly.

Step 7

Moreover, bend the curved end of a clothes hanger so that it fits inside the flexible part of the vacuum tube. It is used to remove any obstructions within the hose, being careful not to puncture the tube.

Step 8

Unscrew the flexible hose fitting if you still cannot clear the obstruction. You may find that the blockage has developed where the tube empties into the vacuum bag. Without clogging it with your fingers or pull it through the opening with the coat hanger.

Step 9

Check the vacuum cleaner if it is still not working properly. Thus, the lack of suction may be the result of an internal problem rather than a blockage within the hose.

Tips and Warnings

Alternatively, you can use another vacuum cleaner to suck out the clog once you’ve found it.

How to clean vacuum cleaner hose

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