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How to clean vacuum cleaner bag? (SIMPLE Process)

How to clean vacuum cleaner bag?

This article is all about how to clean vacuum cleaner bag? When the vacuum cleaner no longer sucks well, it is, in most cases, because it is full of dust and dirt. So we have to remove the bag and replace it with another while we clean the old one. Furthermore, to avoid accidents and spreading dust throughout the house, we will tell you how to clean the vacuum cleaner bag easily.

Tips for cleaning the vacuum bag

Depending on the best branded vacuum cleaners, it may still suck up dust properly even with half the bag full of debris, but if dirt covers two-thirds of the bag, the vacuum may stop working at full power. 

To clean vacuum cleaner bags, we will first open the bag’s container and extract it, trying not to spread the dust around us. It’s best to have a trash bag handy to stuff the vacuum bag into and dump out the debris.

Moreover, the most advisable thing is to clean the garbage bags in an open place, away from the house or furniture that could be damaged. And please, don’t do it near where you have your clean clothes hanging to dry in the sun!

How to clean vacuum cleaner bag

If the vacuum cleaner bag is made of paper and is not badly damaged, we can reuse it, so we will put it back in its compartment; otherwise, we will replace the paper vacuum bag with a new one. 

If you have an older working model of vacuum cleaner and a cloth bag, we can wash the vacuum bag with soap and water after shaking the residue into a garbage bag. Therefore, before washing the bag we have to be sure that the fabric of the bag is in a condition to withstand hand washing.

When we put the bag back in its compartment, we must make sure that all the locks are correctly placed and the bag is placed according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner. 

How to clean the vacuum cleaner bag?

A task that is often repeated in our lives is cleaning the vacuum cleaner bag. I think we all agree that it is not a pleasant task. To make matters worse, it is usually a difficult task. To simplify this task today we tell you how you can clean the bag without much work.

What are we going to need?

For the cleaning of vacuum cleaner bag, you will need a plastic bag, water, detergent, and a bucket.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Shake as much dust as possible inside the plastic bag so that it does not cause allergies.

Step 2: When no more dust comes out by shaking, put the bag inside the bucket with water and detergent.

Step 3: Scrub until all the dirt comes out. Do not use products stronger than detergent to wash it, since we can damage the material with which it is made.

Step 4: Let dry and place back in the vacuum cleaner.

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