How To Clean Porcelain Tile Floors <3 Deep Cleaning Methods>

Cleaning of Textured Cermaic Tile Floors

After carrying out a work or remodeling in our home we feel happy and renewed, but there is one part that usually causes us more than a headache cleaning. In the case of cleaning of porcelain tiles; both on floors and walls, proper cleaning becomes a necessity to keep the product in optimal conditions and prevent it from getting scratched or suffering from marks and scratches. 

We offer you a series of tips and steps so that your porcelain tiles shine and you can enjoy your home after a work.

The main enemy to combat is dust, which accumulates on the surface of the porcelain tile and also on the joints. In the first place, we must gently sweep the floor with a broom with soft bristles, trying to remove the small remains of the work. This step is very important to prevent damage to materials.

A tip to eliminate dust is to open the windows of the environment and place a fan to the outside. This expels the dust particles that remain in the air. You can also help yourself with a vacuum cleaner, or sweeping the floor. In the case of walls, you can remove the dust with a slightly damp cloth, rag or mop.

How to clean porcelain tile floors

How to clean porcelain tile floors?

General cleaning

Once you have removed the dust and construction debris, mix clean water with a non-oily cleaning product in a bucket.

With a cloth, clean your porcelain tiles and let it act for a few minutes.

With clean water, rinse well so that there are no traces of products or soap.

Helping you with a new clean and dry cloth, go over the entire floor or wall. 

How to clean porcelain tile floors

Specific stains

Depending on the remodeling or work that we carry out, there are specific stains that may appear and that do not always come out with a general cleaning. 

In the first place, there is nothing better than prevention, so it is always better to cover your floors or walls before the work with newspapers or plastic. But if you had a particular stain, here are some tips. 

Remember that first you have to sweep to remove dust, dust and possible remains of work. 

Cleaning Process

And after removing the punctual stains, you will repeat the deep clean tile floor method.

Paint or varnish – If it is enamel or synthetic varnish, use white spirit. If it is latex, it will be removed only with soap and water. However, you must be careful not to damage the porcelain tile, so it is recommended to attack small stains.

Cement or mud – There are descaling products that will help you not to damage the materials. Be very careful if you are going to use a spatula, since you can scratch the porcelain.

Other stains –  With the help of hydrogen peroxide you can combat other types of stains that you do not identify. Moisten a rag with the liquid and gently wipe the surface. 

How to clean porcelain tile floors

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