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Elite Expertise at Your Service: How to Clean Marble Floor Stains Like a Pro

How to clean marble floors?

In the pursuit of perfection in home aesthetics, mastering the art of cleaning becomes a reflection of one’s commitment to opulence. 

Today, we delve into the elite domain of ‘How to Clean Marble Floors,’ drawing upon a wealth of expertise, years of experience, and an unwavering dedication to authoritativeness and trustworthiness. 

As advocates for refined living, our insights transcend conventional standards, providing an exclusive guide for the discerning elite who seek nothing short of excellence in marble floor care.

Cleaning of Marble Floors

Marble is a material that adds elegance and style to any surface, especially floors.

Here, the question arises is that how to clean marble floor stains? This is super-easy job to clean a marble floor. Without proper maintenance, marble could begin to lose its characteristic shine and become dull. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean it.

Although this kind of floor is quite resistant, it is not exempt from damage due to humidity, stains, bumps, and scratches.

Moreover; if you want your marble floor to look like new, I invite you to discover with me how to clean marble floors. Here I will tell you what tools to use and how to do it, step by step.

What do you need to clean the marble floor?

Dirt and bacteria from the street enter the home through the soles of shoes.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that you use the correct tools to achieve a deep cleaning and disinfection of your marble floor.

how to clean marble floor stains

How to clean marble floor stains?

Soft bristle brush

You can use a soft bristle brush to remove fine dirt that settles on the surface of the floor.

Furthermore, doing this on a daily basis will keep the marble sparkling longer. In addition, scratches and scratches will be avoided.

Special soap for marble floors

To achieve a deeper cleaning use a special soap for marble.

After sweeping and dusting the floor, pour some soap into a bucket of warm water. Finally, scrub the floor with a cloth moistened with sand mixture.

Certified stain remover

Marble can be damaged if exposed to abrasive products. So, if you find yourself facing a deep stain, it is best to purchase a certified product.

Being a stain remover designed for marble care, it will not affect its color or shine. Follow label directions before use.

Household cleaners

The most superficial stains can be removed with homemade solutions.

Mix a little baking soda or white vinegar in 200 ml of hot water. Pour into a spray bottle and spray on the stain. Scrub with the help of a sponge and dry with a cloth.

We recommend you do a test first on an inconspicuous part of the floor, so you can see the possible reaction of the product on the marble.

Dry cloth

Marble is a porous material and is not very friendly to moisture. If the wet surface doesn’t dry quickly, the pores will start to open up and absorb all the liquid and dirt.

Let the area ventilate and pass a dry cloth whenever you scrub the floor.

Marble floor vacuum cleaner

If you want to prolong the shine of the floor without much effort, you should get a special vacuum cleaner for marble floors.

It guarantees more complete disinfection while taking care of your floor from possible scratches. Ideally, vacuuming twice a week.

Vacuum cleaners for delicate floors such as parquet are a good option for cleaning marble.

The best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpet is the bissell biggreen commercial BG101H upright vacuum cleaner.

How to vacuum the marble floor well?

To vacuum your marble floor well, follow these tips;

Step 1

Pick up small objects and remove anything from the room that might get in the way of the vacuum cleaner. In this way, you can move around the place without problems.

Step 2

Carefully vacuum the entire surface. Pay more attention to the corridors and busiest places. Also, if you have pets inside the house, vacuum the corners and places they frequent very well.

Step 3

Clean the joints. Use a crevice tool to vacuum the joints and corners where the most dust and dirt accumulate.

Step 4

Use the steam option to kill germs and bacteria. But use it with caution as excessive humidity can damage the marble.

A good cleaning of the marble floor is essential to keep it shiny and like new for longer. The best thing is that it will save you on unnecessary expenses and your home will remain free of viruses and bacteria.

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