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Cleaning Guideline: How to clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Best Way To Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Once you’re done with the installation of luxury vinyl plank floors, the next step is to focus on the methods to clean luxury vinyl planking floors. Vinyl floors mostly look clean and fresh every day and are also easy to maintain. But, vinyl flooring also need extra care, so that they can be preserved for longer time span. They are durable flooring that looks like wood, if proper cleaning is done on daily basis. If you’re searching for the information that how to clean a luxury vinyl floor and also how maintenance can be done, then you’re on the right spot.

How to clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Things to consider when cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

1. Best Vacuum for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Using the best item, is important when you are talking about how to clean luxury vinyl plank floors. Only a good quality of a vacuum knows how to provide you an impeccable and a healthy environment. As it is already well-known that cleaning is necessary, so it is highly recommended to buy an excellent quality of vacuum that is especially designed for luxury vinyl plank floors. These best vacuum for luxury vinyl floors cleanse the surface due to their soft bristles either to pick dust from carpets, hardwood floors, garage, rugs or pet hairs.   

2. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

As it is a fact that vinegar has a highly strong reaction on various things, so use them with an extra care guide is essential for everyone. Furthermore, the best way to clean LVT flooring is that it can be used on different household surfaces for cleaning or some other purposes like remove oil stains from the oven, eradicate the old dust patches, cleaning exhaust fans grime, and many more. Fortunately; when it comes to the question that how to clean vinyl floors, vinegar shows a good bond with pallet wood floors. The best vinegar used from the past decades is apple cider vinegar. This vinegar naturally is excellent for vinyl plank floors cleaner. The acidity found in the vinegar straightforwardly removes filth and dust particles without leaving the dirt behind in the grey vinyl flooring. Make sure, that you will not need to use strong vinegar to clean your floor. Because of their strong reaction, they will make these type of floor looks dull as well as there is no way left to polish them again and to bring their shine back like before.

If you want to reduce the tendency of vinegar, simply add a gallon of water to it. Now, you can use a mop and bucket to clean the core flooring. Floor mops are also the best option for how to clean vinyl wood floors? Similarly, frequently rinse your damp mop with hot water for extra deep cleaning. To make it a disinfect mop at the same time, you can use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar in the PVC flooring. By adding some more clean vinyl tips, if your floor is grimy then add a few drops of dishwashing soap in the same vinegar-water solution after that wash them with clean water. For a shiny floor, add baby oil in the vinegar water.

How to clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

3. Neutral pH Level

It’s important to first get to know the type of floors you have. The cleaning of wood look vinyl flooring is easy if you read all the tips or tricks to handle them with care on the grey vinyl plank flooring. When talking about how to clean luxury vinyl planks? Bleach, Ammonia and other are corrosive in nature that’s why they show a strong reaction and always damage such type of floors. For that reason, it is necessary to use them with excess water to reduce its strong tendency on the flooring.  Also, standing water can also damage the luxury vinyl tiles. So, use a good micro-fiber mop to clean the standing water. The final step is to dry the floors by using clean rags or towels.

Isopropyl alcohol for stain removing

If you have stains on vinyl sheet flooring, you will only need to rub it out with the help of isopropyl alcohol, and also by using some quantity of water and baking soda paste, or take 3% hydrogen peroxide.

How to clean vinyl plank flooring using Wax?

Luxury vinyl floors don’t require any type of wax because of their good nature. However, they can benefit any sort of acrylic finish in the Cali vinyl and pallet flooring. As floor wax is derived from carnauba wax which makes it a more solid substance. So that the buffing tool is used for its application on the floor. A large buffing machine is used to apply it on the floor and also adds up to make the plank wood floor shiny. On another side, an acrylic finish touch is a liquid-based substance that can be applied by using a mop and bucket. It gives these floors a matte finish. Manufacturer’s also recommended using an acrylic finish on those areas where scuffing or scratching occurs. An acrylic finish only adds shine on the floor and can increase the longevity of the floor. The best option is to use a stainmaster luxury vinyl which is basically the vinyl sheet design.

How to protect your floor from Scratches and Scuffs?

The best way to protect your floor from various scratches and scuffs is to use the best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors. Heavy furniture on vinyl plank flooring can also be a major factor of scratching. In simple words, we say that there is no hard and fast rule in the cleaning of how to clean vinyl planking? They are super-easy to use and do not produce any harm to your wood vinyl floor. Other forms of cleaning may cause any damage to your floor and also leaves scratches on the floor.

You will start loving your luxury vinyl plank floor if you will keep these cleaning solutions in your mind. To conclude that, this is the answer to the query that how do you clean vinyl plank flooring? Because they are easy to install and just need extra care to protect it from scuffs and scratching. Otherwise, it looks great when you see them installed somewhere.

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