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How to Clean Dyson Canister Filter?

How to Clean Dyson Canister Filter?

Dyson Canister Filter

Dyson vacuums often rank high on the list of the best vacuums out there today for their suction power and versatility.

We’ll explain how to clean a Dyson filter in a moment, but why is maintaining your vacuum so important? As with most things, you want to get the best out of your appliances, after all, you paid a lot of money for them, so while cleaning your vacuum cleaner may take some time, it is worth it to keep your machine performing.

You should empty the dust bin of a Dyson vacuum every time you use the unit or more if the dust has reached the maximum fill line. Allowing dust to accumulate beyond this line may reduce the performance of your vacuum. It is recommended to clean Dyson filters every month to keep them in the best possible condition.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Filter

Have cleaning systems improved?

From the first models of Dyson cordless broom vacuums, the tank emptying system had an amazing ease. But not happy with them, the following models have continued to evolve making it even easier if possible.

There is no model that stands out above the others in terms of ease of cleaning.

There are those who think that this system is not simple at all. I think it is because they have never encountered this system , once again accustomed to the classic vacuum bags.

How to open the Dyson vacuum?

Next to the vacuum trigger, there is a red button that moves about two centimeters. This releases the bottom cover of the Dyson. It is advisable to use at least two fingers to carry out the movement, so that the piece slides evenly. If not, it may appear to be expensive or feel harsh, when in reality it is simpler than it sounds.

Dyson’s garbage can emptying process has been designed to reduce the amount of dirt that is scattered. The best way to keep this process as clean as possible is to wrap the bin opening in a garbage bag while you empty it.

Once the waste bin is empty, you can remove it from the machine by pressing the red button on the bin slide. Dyson recommends using only a damp cloth to clean the dust tray and not using detergents. Once you’ve cleaned the inside of the dust pan, simply let it dry and put it back.

Clean the Dyson filter

Dyson recommends washing your vacuum filter once a month to ensure optimal performance. Here’s how to clean a Dyson filter.

First of all, remove the filter from your vacuum cleaner – it is on top of the machine and is removed with a twist. Once you have removed the filter, hold it with one hand by the large plastic end and tap it gently against a garbage can to get any excess dirt out.

Hold the large end of the filter in your hand and run hot water through the other end before gently rubbing the filter with your hand to clean it; don’t be tempted to add a cleaning solution or detergent.

Next, fill the filter with water and put a hand on the end of the filter so that the water cannot come out. Tilt the filter horizontally and shake it so that trapped water can flow around the filter and remove loose dust before emptying the water and shaking the filter upside down and up until no more water comes out.

All you need to do is dry the filter in a warm place and it must be completely dry before putting it back into the machine, otherwise it could damage the vacuum cleaner. Putting the filter in a dryer will damage it, so let it dry naturally.

How to Clean Dyson Canister Filter

Cleaning vacuum brushes

The rotating brushes of the vacuum cleaner are those that are mechanized, and therefore, they are activated when we press the power button of our Dyson.

Specifically, an example would be the soft brush with a rotating head. This includes a kind of screw that will be enough to use a 5 cent coin to make it turn 15º. This will release the brush and we can remove it. To clean it, we just have to put it under the water tap and let it dry. The rest of the brush can be passed with a damp cloth to prevent the dust from dispersing through the air. Finally, put the brush and screw back on and turn.

Rest of accessories

The rest of the accessories that do not have rotating systems or mechanical elements, we can all pass them through the water tap, but we are talking about a very low frequency, depending on the degree of cleaning that we demand ourselves.

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