How to Clean a Vacuum Hose: Remove Clogged Dust and Debris

How to clean a vacuum hose?

Someone with home cleaning experience knows the telltale signs of a plugged vacuum when they see them. The vacuum sounds normal but it loses a lot of its dirt capacity through the suction hose. The clog grows bigger and bigger as debris continues to collect around the existing clog, until the pipe becomes seriously clogged. The vacuum hose must then be released using an object such as a coat hanger, broomstick, or second vacuum.


• Check the vacuum bag to make sure it is not complete. Vacuums often lose suction when the bag is too full, which can be mistaken for a clog inside the pipe.

• Inspect the brush attachment at the end of the hose. Often times, the debris from the floor lodges in the bristles of the brush rather than continuing to the rest of the hose. If the clog is in the brush, simply pull the bristles free with your fingers.

• Remove the brush, turn on the vacuum and lift your hand in and out of the end of the hose quickly several times. Repeated movement sometimes causes the obstruction to dislodge the interior of the tube. If the blockage persists, continue to the next step.

• Take from any other vacuum cleaner accessory. If you were using the plastic straight tube fitting, remove and look through the opening to check for obstructions.

• Dislodge any obstruction in the tube fitting using a handle broom. Simply slide the broom handle onto the tube and material with the other end of the force.

• Look inside the flexible part of the hose for anything that has gotten inside. You may need a small flashlight to see clearly.

• Bend the curved end of a hanger so that it fits inside the flexible part of the vacuum cleaner tube. It is used to remove any obstruction within the hose, being careful not to puncture the tube.

• Unscrew the flexible hose fitting if you still cannot clear the obstruction. You may find that the clog has arisen where the tube empties into the vacuum bag. Unclogged with your fingers or pull it through the opening with the hanger.

• Check the vacuum cleaner if it still does not work properly. Lack of suction may be the result of an internal problem rather than a blockage within the hose.

how to clean a vacuum hose

Tips & Warnings

·    Alternatively, you can use another vacuum to vacuum out the clog once you’ve found it.

How to repair an electric vacuum cleaner hose?

vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors is one of the most commonly used tools to help keep a home clean. Due to its frequent use, it is common for the vacuum hose to crack or tear, creating fissures. A crack will cause a drastic decrease in the vacuum’s ability to suck up dirt. Replacing the hose with a new one is the best way to solve the problem, but if you don’t have time to replace the tube with a new one, you can repair it.

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Wet a rag with white spirit. Mineral spirits remove grease and dirt and will dry quickly.

• Clean the surface around the tear or hole with the cloth. Most best vacuum cleaners hoses are ribbed to add rigidity to the hose. Get into the ribs if the hose is ribbed. Wait two to three minutes for the mineral spirits to evaporate from the surface of the hose.

• Wrap electrical tape over the hole several times to create a tight seal between the tape and hose. Two or three rotations will suffice.

How they will unclog a vacuum hose?

If you have allergies, or are just concerned about keeping your home clean, a vacuum cleaner may be your best friend. Cleaning accessories like brushes, rollers and specialized cleaning heads fit over the end of the vacuum cleaner hose. Sometimes the hose gets clogged. Luckily, there are a few approaches you can take when trying to unclog a vacuum cleaner hose.


• Unplug the vacuum cleaner. If you are allergic or sensitive to dust, take the vacuum cleaner outside.

• Disconnect the hose from the vacuum cleaner. On most vacuums, this is done by turning the hose connection a quarter of a turn and then pulling up.

• Run a broomstick through the vacuum hose to dislodge anything that might be inside.

• STRAIGHTEN to an old wire hook. Insert this into the hose to try to dislodge the clog.

• Fit a sprinkler to the end of a garden hose. Rotate the hose. Aim the sprayer at the hose and press the trigger until the jet of water flushes out what is being held by the vacuum hose.

• Insert the hose connection back into the vacuum cleaner and twist to secure.

Tips & Warnings

·    The above steps are only a guide. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

how to clean a vacuum hose

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