Here’s the secret to clean a bagless vacuum cleaners

How to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners help us clean and keep mites away from our house, but also, from time to time, we have to clean them so that they continue to vacuum like the first day. To help you with this task, we have collected the tips for vacuuming the filters of a bagless vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor.

The first thing we need to know is that a vacuum cleaner has several filters, not just one. In this bagless vacuum cleaner we find includes such type of filters like input filter, foam filter, HEPA filter, foam outlet filter and microfilters.

Clean bagless vacuum cleaner

All of them can be cleaned or changed for new ones when they are already deteriorated. Here we show you how to do it and we anticipate that they cannot be cleaned in the washing machine or in the dishwasher.

Periodically clean the HEPA inlet filter to remove dust. And not only this, but also the foam filter like inlet and outlet because it has the function of protecting the first one against excess dirt.

To clean them, we wash them under running water, paying attention to the folds. It is enough to place them under the tap, since the pressure and the water remove the dirt.

Before inserting them again, we must make sure that they are completely dry, so it is recommended to do it a day later.

how to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner

How to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?


It is recommended to replace the HEPA inlet filter with a new one every 6 months of use.

Do not vacuum without the HEPA inlet filter installed in the canister. The lack of an inlet filter will prevent the insertion of the tank in the aspirator.

We repeat the same operation with the microfilter, located at the back of the vacuum cleaner. To get to it, we have to pull the hook and remove the lid. 

To clean the casing, we will use a damp cloth, which we can moisten with the dishwashing liquid.

With these cleaning tips, you will extend the life of your vacuum cleaner and ensure that it continues to work as usual.

Advantages of having a bagless vacuum cleaner

Once you have your vacuum cleaner clean, you can use it like the first day. Here are some of the benefits:

Forget about changing the spare bag

With bagless vacuum cleaners for carpet you will not have to buy or change replacement bags because the dirt is stored in a container with a capacity of between 1 and 2 liters. Imagine what you can save on bags! You will only have to empty it when it is full. That easy!

With these bagless vacuum cleaners you will not have to buy or change replacement bags

Traps dirt to prevent allergies with bagless vacuums

Some of these devices incorporate a filter, called HEPA, which traps dirt and retains dust inside, without it going back out into the room. They are capable of sucking up 99.98% of pollen and bacteria. In this way, you will be able to breathe easily after vacuuming, without fear of the dreaded allergies appearing.

Six types of nozzles and brushes for all surfaces

Most vacuum cleaners come equipped with a switchable brush and another for hard floors. If we want to vacuum parquet, we must choose the brush with natural bristles, designed for this type of flooring. If we have a dog or a cat at home, some models include a special turbo brush for pets and if we want to vacuum curtains or mattresses we will choose a smaller nozzle special for this type of utility. And so up to seven types of optional accessories to make vacuuming much easier.

They are compact and easy to store

This is one of the most appreciated features. After vacuuming our house, it’s time to pick up the vacuum cleaner until the next time and we don’t always have as much space as we’d like. With these vacuum cleaners, you will not have that problem. They measure 36 cm long and 23 to 28 cm wide and weigh only 4.3 kilos. So compact that you can store them in any corner or closet.

how to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Shake as much dust as possible inside the plastic bag so that it does not cause allergies.

Step 2: When no more dust comes out by shaking, put the bag inside the bucket with water and detergent.

Step 3: Scrub until all the dirt comes out. Do not use products stronger than detergent to wash it, since we can damage the material with which it is made.

Step 4: Let dry and place back in the vacuum cleaner.

how to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner

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