How do you make vinyl floors shiny?

How do you make vinyl floors shiny?

Expert Tips and Tricks: For cleaning vinyl floors for your home

If you have vinyl floors at home, the following recommendations will be very useful. You will learn how to properly clean vinyl flooring and will keep it shiny and in good condition for longer.

Proper Maintenance of Vinyl Floors

The first thing to do is keep things that can harm it away . This will be achieved by placing a mat at the door so that the shoes are cleaned before entering, thus keeping abrasive elements such as dirt, debris and small stones out of the house.

You should make sure that both you and your guests shake their feet before entering the vinyl-floored home or floor. Even if you think it is feasible, you can get into the habit of removing your shoes before entering. If you just did the reform of your home in Madrid, choose to take good care of it from the beginning.

A regular task is to sweep or vacuum the floor daily or when you notice accumulated dust or dirt. If you don’t do this for a long time, it could cause the floor to be scratched. If anything should spill, wipe it up and wipe it up immediately.

Dirt and dust act as abrasive elements that will take the shine off your vinyl floor, so be sure to sweep or vacuum the surface daily. This will prevent the accumulation of particles. If you use a broom make sure it is dry. And when doing this do not forget the areas under the furniture, corners and under the cabinets.

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How to clean the vinyl floor on daily basis?

Vinegar cleaner is a simple solution, mix one cup of apple cider vinegar in one gallon of hot water. Then take a mop, moisten it, and wipe it on the floor. This step is very effective. When it dries, the vinegar smell will soon go away. You can also use it to clean your house in spring in an eco-friendly way.

Always vacuum first or mop the floor dry to remove dust before proceeding to wet mop cleaning.

Another option is to choose a commercial floor cleaner. Note that vinyl is very sensitive, so be sure to buy the correct one, specific to that surface.

Avoid scratches and scuffs by following these tips. When moving heavy things on this type of floor you should place a sheet of plywood on the floor and walk on it to avoid marks. Remember to place pieces of felt under furniture, on legs, and anything else that rubs on the floor.

More tips for cleaning luxury vinyl floors in your home

Ongoing maintenance is essential so that your vinyl floors are always in good condition. But, you should also do a more thorough cleaning of these types of floors. Follow these recommendations so that the surface is always in excellent condition.

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How to clean the dirt from the luxury vinyl plank flooring?

If your vinyl floor is very dirty and you want to do a deep cleaning, we recommend adding a tablespoon of dishwasher to your vinegar and water solution and apply it with a preferably soft nylon mop. On the market you will find special cloths and mops for this type of surface. Always choose the ones that are not abrasive to avoid mistreating and scratching the surface.

This will help dust, dirt and grime that has stuck to the vinyl floor to come out more easily.

Remember that to avoid damaging the vinyl floor this procedure should not be done constantly and you should remove the soap residue.

Vinyl flooring is notorious for scratching very easily. But this has a solution, rub the worn areas (scratched or scratched) with jojoba oil or WD-40 on a soft cloth. If this doesn’t work, you need to replace that part individually, it will be a little overhaul for your home.

How to remove stains on vinyl flooring?

To remove strong stains, one option is to use a baking soda paste solution. It is ideal for removing food marks that would not otherwise be removed. This is done simply by mixing enough water with baking soda to form a thick paste. Then take a clean, soft cloth to rub it in and another to remove it.

This element has various functions in household cleaning, it is slightly abrasive and should be removed after the cleaning is finished.

Among the ways to clean vinyl flooring to remove makeup and ink stains. Just take an alcohol wipe and rub over the stains. Alcohol can help remove them without causing harm. Never use acetone on this soil.

Rinse with clean water to remove any residue that can damage the floor over time. Like the alcohol you use to remove stains or baking soda, even soap. Once they fulfill their function, they must be removed from the vinyl, because they could damage it.

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