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Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets

Nowadays it is possible to buy a robot to clean carpets or a robot vacuum cleaner to vacuum the house autonomously. But, the eternal question, is it good for carpets? Those who have carpets at home do not trust these little robot vacuum cleaners. Therefore, in this article, we are going to clarify all your doubts.

Does Robot Vacuum Work on Carpet

Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet Cleaning

When buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you will see that some are more recommended for carpets than others. Therefore, if you are especially concerned about the well-being of your carpets, it is best to consider whether the robot you are going to buy offers this function. And not only that, but also what carpet materials it can successfully clean (without doing you any harm).

Do you clean carpets?

It depends on the model. But in general, the robot vacuums that are coming to market from 2019 onwards do clean carpets. The robot will get to know every corner of your house, overcoming obstacles and keeping the carpets clean.

What happens if I choose a model that is not recommended for carpets?

The robot vacuum cleaner detects the carpet as a different surface, such as a jump or drop. So there are some that even spin around, go crazy or crash. So if you have carpets at home, check that the model you are going to buy can at least clean carpets that are not too thick.

How is carpet cleaning done?

These robot vacuum cleaners incorporate brushes and rollers to offer strong suction and thus trap all the dirt that is impregnated in the carpets. Of course, each manufacturer offers its solutions.

To find out if it is really powerful for carpets, take a good look at the suction power. For example, from 1300 Pa it can be said that it is powerful enough to clean carpets well. Those that have less you could notice that it lacks some strength when cleaning them; so it does not take all the dirt and remains of hair.

Does it work with all types of carpets?

The truth is that no. These robotic carpet cleaners tend to work well on smooth and medium rugs. But they don’t work well on thick rugs. So if you have very thick, long-pile carpets at home, it might not be entirely effective for you. Keep in mind that they still have a lot to improve.

Does Robot Vacuum Work on Carpet

What happens if a carpet is very thick?

Faced with this situation, you might find that the robot vacuum cleaner is only not able to clean the carpet, but it is not even able to get on the carpet. If it’s too tall for him, he might stay without cleaning it. It could also go up but stop after a few minutes.

What other aspects to take into account when vacuuming carpets with a robot vacuum cleaner?

Not only the height of the rug is important, but also the color. Some robots detect black as a bump; so if your carpet is black and you see that it is not being vacuumed, you already know why it is.

And even if the carpet is very thin and light, the robot vacuum cleaner could drag the carpet… so it is important that you keep it well attached to the floor.

If the carpet has fringes, be very careful, because the best robot vacuum cleaner for carpets could get entangled with the fringes of the carpet. You can put them down and then take them out or cut them. And in the event that you do not have fringes, you no longer have to worry.

As for the material, if the rug contains silk, wool, or synthetic fiber, it needs greater delicacy in its cleaning; this is why it is important to use the robot vacuum adapter for soft materials. This is the best robot vacuum cleaner for carpets. 

If you want to buy one and get it right, any of the following is great: iRobot Roomba 980, Cecotec Conga Excellence 990, Neato Botvac D8, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2, Ecovacs Deebot 300


If you want to buy best robot vacuum for carpet cleaning, make sure that it has a high suction power and that it is recommended for cleaning carpets; like the ones you have in your home. This way you will have made a well-rounded purchase, you will have more time for yourself and your carpets will remain perfectly clean. If, on the other hand, you are more of a classic vacuum cleaner, you can keep all your carpets impeccable with the traditional method.

Does Robot Vacuum Work on Carpet

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