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The point is that we feel that our reviews and ratings are unbiased. We find that most consumer and periodical vacuum reviews are a bit biased toward less-expensive models because they ultimately try to provide you with the best deal as well as rate various performance metrics. 

In fairness, you can not really compare a Kia to a Mercedes so trying to compare a Bissell to a Miele or Sebo is equally unfair. The best vacuum is not necessarily the most expensive but most of the really good vacuums are going to cost more than models of lesser quality. We also site reviews from European sources if the vacuum cleaner is essentially the same vacuum that is sold in North America.

We will also site customers reviews but they should be taken with a grain of salt. Why? Because most people know very little about the best vacuum cleaners for garage. We see it every day. Consumers tend to be easily biased by aggressive marketing campaigns. 

The success of Oreck and Dyson reflects this. Neither of these brands do extremely well in professional reviews but a lot of people just love them. We believe part of the reason for that is justification. Spend 400 to 500 dollars on a vacuum and you better like it. 

Most of the brands that are aggressively advertised are decent but they are usually overpriced by 20 to 40 percent. Coupled with the fact that you do not know what kind of vacuum a customer is comparing their current vacuum purchase to does not help either.

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If a vacuum cleaner is getting an overwhelming amount of positive customer reviews that is generally a good sign. 

If the customer reviews are just pretty good or average it might be a wise choice to see what more acclaimed consumer review resources have to say. If you choose to research customer reviews on sites like amazon or opinions try not to just quickly scan the stars or whatever system they use to rate the vacuum. 

Read the customers comments. You can separate the ratings provided by smart consumers from the boneheads if you do not mind spending a little time reading. Amazon, Cnet and Epinions are popular customer vacuum review sites.

Vacuum Cleaners Brand

Certain vacuum cleaner brands are consistently better than the competition. That is just a fact. We will mention that on this site where appropriate. 

Sebo, Miele, Lindhaus and Windsor vacuum cleaners are better than the most if not all of the more popular vacuum cleaner brands. 

They have been and will probably continue to be. They are just made better, last longer with proper care an offer better features. They also cost quite a bit more so that is something that you should consider when you are checking ratings and reviews. 

The important thing when you are researching vacuum reviews and ratings is to first figure out what you need. Do you prefer an upright or a canister? Is the size or weight of the vacuum a factor? What type of surface do you vacuum in your home? Do you have pet hair to contend with? 

These are the type of question a consumer should answer to narrow down which vacuum is best for their home and budget.

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