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Central Vacuum Motor

About Central Vacuum Motor

A central vacuum motor is called the one in which the mixture enters the cylinders by the suction effect of the pistons, without the intervention of a compressor.

Meaning of Central vacuum motor

In aspiration engines, also called atmospheric or simply conventional, there is no element that compresses the mixture. It enters the combustion chamber through the best central vacuum cleaners generated by the pistons with their movement, and the process therefore depends on atmospheric pressure.

An alternative system is the supercharging system, which incorporates a compressor or turbo in charge of compressing the air in the mixture. Thanks to the greater oxygen richness of this air, the power of the explosions and the efficiency of the engine increase.

To match the power offered by a turbocharger, an inlet engine will need larger dimensions, so that the increased displacement allows the pistons to perform at the required level. At parity of size or equivalent power, the engine that has a turbo will be more efficient and will present a lower consumption, in addition to being notably less polluting. Regarding the latter, in any case, certain nuances could be made depending on the use that is given to the car and the driving style used.

central vacuum motor

Advantages and disadvantages of a central vacuum motor

To the extent that the operation of a conventional engine depends on atmospheric pressure, its performance can be affected by altitude. It is a possible drawback to add to its disadvantages in terms of power, efficiency, fuel consumption, and polluting emissions compared to turbo engines.

The greater simplicity of its central vacuum system reviews mechanics does, however, give it some benefits: they can be produced at a lower cost, their reliability is high and their maintenance is less complicated. Repairing possible breakdowns in an engine of this type will also cost less than doing the same in a supercharger system. On the other hand, in the naturally aspirated engine the power delivery is smoother and more progressive than in the turbo, as there is no characteristic lag time known as turbo lag.

central vacuum motor

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