Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Reviews

Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Reviews

Decibel Level and Comfort Level: Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Reviews

Noise is a determining criterion that must be taken into account, especially if the control unit is installed in the house and you want to listen to music while you run the vacuum cleaner.

The noise it generates is measured in decibels (dB) and for this type of device, the sound level is usually between 60 and 75 decibels.

It is necessary to know that decibels are not linear, as in a meter; a sound level of 75 dB is approximately twice that of a 65 dB level.

If you can, install the vacuum cleaner in the garage or try not to make too much noise.

Different elements that make up the central vacuum electric powerhead reviews

It is sold with the accessories for fixing to the wall, the different components (tubes, brushes) and suckers or nozzles (their quality ensures good suction) and 2 or 3 suction intakes. The control panel is usually purchased ready to install and in a pack.

Some central vacuum systems also have a crumb catcher socket that is installed in the kitchen baseboard (we sweep the dirt, open and go. It’s magic!).

Some sockets on the control units have a switch to start it. These aspiration systems require the passage of electrical cables through the tubes. Others work by sound detection: the control unit detects the sound produced by the opening of the socket. And others even start the suction from a vibration, you just have to move the hose and that’s it.

The distribution of the suction network, which is sold in a kit, is made up of several elements:

Bear in mind that in some suction systems the distribution can be made in PVC pipe with a diameter of 50 mm. check well the diameters of the holes of the suction and central intakes.

Installation advice

Limit your elbows to 90º to prevent loss of power or dirt accumulating on them. The more open you are, the more easily your content will circulate.

Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Reviews

Differences between central vacuum with bag and central vacuum with bucket

Central vacuum with bag

The central vacuum electric powerhead bag are much more effective, but require the replacement of the bag periodically. Its capacity, indicated in liters (L), varies from one plant to another. Central bag vacuum cleaners are also more hygienic. It is a good system if you have pets that shed hair at home. In addition to; the ease of use of the centralized vacuum system, the most interesting and hygienic thing is that everything that sucks is directed towards the room where the vacuum cleaner is located. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuuming does not expel a part of the particles and mites into the room that is being vacuumed (the suction air expulsion system is carried out to the outside). Of course, the installation requires some work in the house to pass and camouflage the distribution tube, it is best to install it when a new work is done, since it provides unparalleled comfort of use.

Central suction tank

The bucket centrals do not need any consumables and their capacity is also expressed in liters. They are not so hygienic and are not recommended for people allergic to dust (emptying the bucket of a central vacuum electric powerhead is not recommended for asthmatics). The trays also require regular cleaning.


Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Reviews: Useful Accessories and Buying Advice

Central vacuum cleaners powerhead is a practical and efficient installation, as long as quality equipment is chosen.


The quality of the filter and its ease of removal and cleaning on a regular basis is essential for proper use.

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The ergonomics and volume of the bucket must be taken into account to make emptying easier.


You have to take into account the volume of the balls and their availability in the market.

Brush and Sucker

The brushes and sniffers poor quality are synonymous with loss of suction. They are also interchangeable.


The length of the hose has a direct influence on the installation of the central vacuum unit: the longer it is, the fewer connections will be required. The quality of the suction hose is essential. 

Material and dust removal

The quality of the plastics and accessories is a guarantee of durability. The beam central vacuum powerhead which have a system external evacuation are most hygienic. They are recommended for people allergic to dust.

Flow, depression, power and sound level

The flowdepression and power must be related to the type of soil you have. They must be sized carefully. The dB number is important if you want to vacuum while listening to music. 

Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Reviews

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