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Ultimate Guideline: Central Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Central Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

A central vacuum system (sometimes called the whole house vacuum system) is a cleaning device installed throughout the building. Located in the garage or basement, a canister receives dust and debris sucked in by the force of a motor from wall outlets, which are positioned for the owner’s convenience. 

While many Americans are unfamiliar with centralized vacuum cleaners, they are not new inventions; The idea dates back as far as the 1850s in Sweden, where fans powered by animal traction were used to create suction by installing pipes in the wall. However, the horses were later replaced by servants, who pumped giant bellows or pedaled stationary bikes, until finally they were replaced by electric motors. 

Central Vacuum System

A little later, however, portable vacuums became available, and central vacuum systems were forgotten due to their relative expense. Their hibernation ended in the 1990s when growing house sizes and air quality concerns combined with the availability of the most economical plastic pipes, the most powerful engines, and the most refined filtration systems. 

Still, to this day, American homes are dependent on portable vacuum cleaners, in contrast to Canadian and Scandinavian homes, where central vacuum systems are more common.

central vacuum cleaners reviews

Types of Central Vacuum Cleaners

The types of central vacuum cleaners available include:

Advantages of Central Vacuum

Central vacuum systems have some advantages over portable units, some of them are as follows:

central vacuum cleaners reviews

Disadvantages of Central Vacuum Cleaners

In short, central vacuum systems are convenient, powerful, and expensive household cleaning devices. 

Furthermore, we pick some of the great products and provide you a complete review of the best central vacuum powerhead in detail for your home or commercial use.

central vacuum cleaners reviews

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