Bissell Crosswave for Vinyl Floors

Bissell Crosswave for Vinyl Plank Floors

Bissell Crosswave is a vacuum cleaner that was designed to clean luxury vinyl plank floors. It has a special brush that is designed to pick up dirt and pet hair from these floors without scratching them.

It is not the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors but it does work well with these types of floors.

The Bissell Crosswave for vinyl floors is a state of the art vacuum cleaner that has been designed to clean vinyl floors. It is designed to remove pet hair and other dirt that can be difficult to remove from vinyl floors.

Bissell Crosswave for Vinyl Floors

Working of Bissell Crosswave

What is the best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floor?

The Bissell Crosswave for Vinyl Floors has a powerful motor and an innovative design that allows this vacuum cleaner to pick up pet hair, dirt, and dust from your hardwood flooring. The Bissell Crosswave for Vinyl Floors also includes a washable filter which means you don’t need to replace filters with every cleaning session.

Furthermore, bissell crosswave is the best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors. It has a powerful suction with a patented cyclonic system that captures dirt and pet hair from the deepest corners of your flooring.

Can you use a bissell crosswave on vinyl plank flooring

Bissell Crosswave and Pet Hair

The Bissell Crosswave has a powerful suction with a patented cyclonic system that captures dirt and pet hair from the deepest corners of your flooring. The suction will never lose its power, even when you are cleaning deep-set-in dirt or pet hair.

Addionally, the Bissell Crosswave is built for high efficiency cleaning on all types of floors including vinyl plank floors, hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl plank, and more.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring, a type of synthetic flooring designed to simulate the look of wood or tile, has improved considerably over the years, making it a popular choice for people looking to upgrade the appearance of their floors. High-quality luxury vinyl plank flooring can accurately mimic the look of hardwood at a much lower price. However, if not properly maintained, the finish can dull over time. Read on to learn what to look for in a luxury vinyl plank floor cleaner and see why the following products are considered among the best in their respective categories.

BEST OVERALL: Bona Hard Surface Floor Cleaner

BEST BANG FOR PAIN: Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner

BEST NATURAL: Floor Cleaner That Destroys Dirt Naturally Better Life

BEST FOR SHINE: Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish

BEST FOR SCRATCHES: Rejuvenating Restorer for All Floors

BEST FOR STAINS: Black Diamond Stoneworks Luxury vinyl plank Floor Cleaner

BEST FOR PETS: Aunt Fannie’s Vinegar Floor Cleaner

What to consider when choosing the best luxury vinyl plank floor cleaner?

Although it might be easy to assume that all luxury vinyl plank cleaners will offer a similar result, there are several factors to consider. Keep this in mind when shopping for the best floor cleaner for your luxury vinyl plank floors.

Natural versus chemical

Chemical floor cleaners contain strong ingredients that get the job done. However, organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) state that some of the chemicals commonly found in cleaning products can cause asthma, birth defects, and may even be carcinogenic. It’s always wise to wear gloves while working with powerful cleaning agents, and a face mask could also be beneficial. While there are risks associated with chemical cleaning products, they generally provide better results.

Natural floor cleaners are free of potentially problematic chemicals and can be gentler on your skin and lungs. However, what they gain in potential health benefits, they may lose in the efficacy department. Be wary of products simply labeled “green” or “natural,” as that isn’t always a guarantee that they don’t contain harmful ingredients. Instead, familiarize yourself with commonly used chemicals you’d like to avoid, and read labels carefully to learn what’s in a product. Also look for products that have the Safer Choice label from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This shows that the formula has been tested to ensure there is minimal risk to your health and the environment.


While traditional floor cleaners require you to rinse the entire surface after cleaning, most modern products are formulated so there is no need for a second post-cleaning step. With that said, there are two types of concentration available in floor cleaners today.

Concentrated luxury vinyl plank floor cleaners are intended to be diluted with water before use. This extra step can be a bit inconvenient, but it could save you money.

Complete cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors: They can be applied directly from the bottle without mixing with water. A non-concentrated formula will inevitably wear out more quickly, so it will likely be more expensive to use than a concentrated product.


Floor cleaners are typically sold in one of three types of packaging:

Spray bottles feature a built-in nozzle that dispenses an aerosol cleaning solution onto the floor. This format is ideal for spot cleaning and use in small areas.

Squirt bottles allow you to distribute a small amount of cleaner directly onto the floor to distribute with a mop.

Refill containers come in large quantities that can be transferred to a spray bottle or spray mop liquid cartridge. Concentrated cleaners are generally available in similar containers.


Although some products are developed exclusively for luxury vinyl plank flooring, others have multiple applications and are safe to use on multiple types of flooring. For hardwood and/or tile floors, as well as luxury vinyl planks, consider one of these versatile cleaners to save money and avoid the need to change products in each room. If you have hardwood floors, it’s important to avoid using a product that could accidentally damage them, so a multi-surface selection is ideal. However, for those specifically designed to do the best job in luxury vinyl plank, a single surface product might be a better option.

Our best picks

Whether stains, scratches, or shine are your primary concern, consider the luxury vinyl plank floor cleaners assembled here. These products take into account the considerations mentioned above, including versatility, application style, and chemical vs. natural ingredient content.


With the options available, choosing the best luxury vinyl plank floor cleaner can be a bit overwhelming. If you still have some questions, consider these answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about cleaning luxury vinyl plank floors.

Q. Why does my luxury vinyl plank floor look cloudy?

This is usually due to using too much cleaning product, which leads to buildup.

Q. How do you make luxury vinyl plank flooring shine?

It is important to remove dust and dirt before applying a cleaning product. After cleaning, you can polish the entire surface with a soft cloth for maximum shine.

Q. How do you deep clean luxury vinyl plank flooring?

For a deep clean, apply a product formulated for use on luxury vinyl plank flooring, such as those listed above. Use a damp (not wet) microfiber mop or special luxury vinyl plank floor mop to ensure product is evenly distributed over floor surface. Be sure not to use too much water as moisture can cause damage.

Q. Are steam mops suitable for luxury vinyl plank flooring?

No, you should not steam clean your luxury vinyl plank flooring. Doing so could cause permanent deformation and damage.

Bissell Crosswave for Vinyl Floors

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