Best Wet Vacuum for Tile Floors (Budget-Friendly Vac 2023)

Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Tile Floors

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors can be a mission. Tile flooring is particularly common not only because of its affordability but also because of its potential to liven up a room with new colors or patterns. 

Unfortunately, tile floors can get dirty in a way unique to them. As a result, they show more dirt than other floors, rugs, or carpets. For this reason, it is vital that you invest in a tile floor vacuum that will keep your tiles sparkling clean.

On the other hand, not all the best vacuum for tile floors will clean a tile floor effectively and safely. Regular vacuum cleaners leave behind messes even after multiple cleanings, while others damage tile floors. 

Since researching the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors is so important, experts advise that you protect your tile floors by vacuuming once a week. However, you may need to clean more often if you have a lot going on in your home or if you have a child or pet in the home. 

The best vacuum cleaner for tile floors doesn’t need to come with fancy features or skills. A good, ordinary vacuum cleaner will suffice, but with features to suit tiled floors.

A motorized or specialized brush makes some vacuums better for tile floors than regular vacuums. Some bristles can sweep up dust instead of relying on suction alone, making vacuums with moderate suction power considerably more effective at cleaning tile floors. 

While other motorized brush heads only make it worse, dispersing dirt and dust, the option to turn the brush off would be a huge plus. You should buy a non-motorized brush vacuum for tile floors as it can easily roll while moving the vacuum across the floor.

Best Wet Vacuum for Tile Floors

Best Wet Dry Vacuum for Tile Floors

Should You Sweep or Vacuum Your Tile Floors?

Sweeping and vacuuming are applicable methods for cleaning and keeping bare floors clean. However, sweeping technically pushes debris and dirt away, while vacuuming pulls dirt off floors and into the machine.

Another reason about the best vacuum for tile floors that they are better for your tile floors than brooms is that sweeping pushes dirt into the air and leaves some of it in the crevices of your tiles. In turn, breathing dust can make you sick or trigger allergies. On the other hand, vacuuming tile floors ensures that dust and debris are sucked into the cleaner and contained there to prevent them from being left behind in your home.

Why should you get the best tile floor vacuum?

Unlike other types of flooring, a tile floor can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tile floors have a glaze or liquid coating that helps form a waterproof coating on your floors. For this reason, you’ll find glazed tile in most homes, bathrooms, and a kitchen backsplash to prevent water damage. In addition, they are aesthetically pleasing.

Unglazed tiles, however, are absorbent. Since they have a natural, earthy look, these tile floors are more likely to stain easily. In addition, glazed tiles are durable and resistant to wear. However, putting too much pressure on them can lead to scratches. This is the main reason why you need specific vacuum cleaners for tile floors.

Other reasons why you should have tile floor vacuums include:

1. BLACK + DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

The first of our favorites is this BLACK+DECKER handheld cordless vacuum that uses a lithium-ion battery to power it. From customer reviews online, it is evident that this vacuum cleaner has a cult following. Plus, this vacuum cleaner is super lightweight, making it easy to carry around and vacuum tile floors and other surfaces around the house.

With 15.2 AW suction power, this machine is powerful enough to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair that often settles along grout lines. The dust cup has a large 20.6-ounce capacity, enough to vacuum around the house without frequent emptying. You’ll also love that this BLACK + DECKER vacuum uses smart charging technology, which means it uses 50% less energy than other vacuums.

Another cool thing is that this handheld vacuum has essential cyclonic action to keep the powerful suction strong and the filter clean and efficient. The dust cup is translucent to let you see the dirt, especially when emptying. Additionally, there is a rotating slim nozzle that can be removed to support various applications.

Best Wet Vacuum for Tile Floors

2. Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum

Best Wet Vacuum for Tile Floors

Bissell’s featherweight stick weighs just 3lbs (1.36kg) and is not only lightweight and transforms into a hand vac and stair vac. In addition, the design makes it a suitable vacuum cleaner for stoneware floors and also suitable for carpets.

The affordability of this model is a definite bargain considering the quality you receive. Due to its lightweight nature, this tile floor vacuum can be used by any injured person or older family members who are unable to move heavy equipment.

The Bissell Featherweight vacuum can transition between different surfaces and this is a wonderful feature for a good job. Also, since it works as a handheld cleaner, it can be moved to corners, sofas, and stairs. This is without a doubt one of the best tile floor vacuum cleaner due to its multiple cleaning solutions.

This Bissell Featherweight vacuum has conversion features that help it stand out. It comes with a step floor nozzle and a crevice tool. Also, you can lower the longer handle for a shorter version of the vacuum and it becomes perfect for stairs. Plus, you can completely unplug the vacuum and use nozzle attachments to clean pet beds, corners, cars, pet beds, and other tight-space areas. These simple canisters and their filters are also easy to clean.

Best Wet Vacuum for Tile Floors

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