Best Vacuum Steam for Tile Floors

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tile Floors

The household chores are so many that, at times, one has the feeling that he lacks time to complete them successfully. Fortunately, household appliances are increasingly advanced and facilitate this work. This is the case of the best vacuum steam for tile floors, which are characterized by eliminating a very high percentage of the bacteria that accumulate in the dirt and dust on the sofa and other surfaces that, to the eye, are imperceptible. These models of the best vacuum steam for tile floors with steamer incorporate a tank where you have to introduce water, wait a few moments for it to heat up and thus obtain steam. 

Once this begins to come out, just proceed to cleaning the dirty area. Some models also has various functions as the best vacuum steam for tile floors, only instead of using bags they integrate another box in which all the dirt that the device vacuums accumulates.

Best Vacuum Steam for Tile Floors

What are the best steamer vacuum cleaners?

Four models of the best vacuum steam for tile floors have been selected. They are: Bissell 1977N, Cecotec Conga Steam & Clean 4 in 1Kärcher SC 2 EasyFix and Polti Vaporetto SV440 Double.

They have received a final average assessment based on the analysis of different criteria, such as those indicated below:

Design: not so much for an aesthetic issue, but for its handling, comfort of use and freedom of movement.

Construction: what finishes does the steam vacuum cleaner and its materials offer. Can its high strength and durability be guaranteed?

Performance and cleanliness: How does the vacuum cleaner perform on different surfaces of use? The suction power they offer and the final result once the cleaning and disinfection have been completed has also been assessed, based on this criterion.

Which steam vacuum to buy: steam vacuum cleaners comparison?

These four steam vacuums have been tested over the course of several weeks, always taking into account the surfaces with which they can be used. They are the best steam vacuum cleaner for carpet. Thus, we have verified its manageability and operation. Also how they perform and how effective they can be once we have completed our tasks. In this regard, it should be noted that the Kärcher SC 2 EasyFix the best vacuum steam for tile floors model is different from the rest because it serves exclusively as a manual steam cleaner while its opponents offer a more versatile use, as you will see now.

The Polti Vaporetto SV440 DOUBLE steam broom has achieved the highest score. Its economic price does not prevent it from offering a good user experience and, in addition, it can be used not only to clean different types of floors but other surfaces thanks to the accessories that come with it.

Polti Vaporetto SV440 DOUBLE Steam Broom

The cheapest and the best vacuum steam for tile floors option in the comparison got the highest score. In this sense, the model, which combines the functions of a cleaner and steam broom, is especially versatile if we take into account the many surfaces on which it can be used. We have mainly focused on parquet floors and taps, but it is also possible to use it with carpets, doors, gaskets, mirrors and glass, among other examples. For this, it incorporates different accessories (up to 11) that facilitate its use in all these situations.

Data Sheet

Power: 1,500 watts

Warm-up time: 1 5 seconds

Tank capacity: 0.3 liters. Removable

Multi surfaces: for parquet floors, tiles, marble, carpets and rugs, ceramic hob, hood, taps, toilets, gaskets, glass and mirrors, upholstery (sofas, armchairs, pillows and mattresses), closet doors and doors, heaters, curtains and clothes, plants

Accessories: washable microfiber cloth, accessory for rugs and carpets, cover, accessory for glasses, lance + 120 accessory, for joints, flexible hose, accessory for joints and small round brushes with nylon bristles. Vaporforce large brush

Dimensions: 1,120 x 320 x 200 mm

Weight: 2.4 Kg

Action radius: 7.5 meters

Others: anti-lime filter, eliminates 99.99% bacteria, viruses and germs. Frescovapor dispenser integrated in the brush.

With a power of 1,500 watts, it has a compact (1120 x 200 x 320 mm) and practical design that allows it to function comfortably and fulfill its mission. In addition, its 2.4 kg weight makes this use even easier if we compare this weighing with the Bissell and Cecotec models. It shares with them, together with the Kärcher known as the best vacuum and steam cleaner combo reviews, the possibility of regulating the steam output through controls incorporated into the handle.

Regarding its construction and finishes, the machine leaves good impressions; Special mention to its large Vaporforce brush which provides a large steam outlet surface for greater reach. The only point to improve is that the capacity of its removable tank is only 0.3 liters, so if we are carrying out a very deep cleaning, it is most likely that we will have to replace it with tap water at least once more until complete.

Our choice

The warm-up time is very fast: in just 15 seconds, it is ready to use. An indicator light informs of this.

The best: comfort of use and good performance given its price.

The worst: the capacity of its 0.3 liter tank is too small.


This proposal is very versatile thanks to the many accessories it includes, providing good results when performing its function. In addition, it is very comfortable to use given its light weight. This vacuum cleaner can be considered as the best steam vacuum carpet cleaner.

Best Vacuum Steam for Tile Floors
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Bissell 1977N Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Its size is compact (1168 x 280 x 250 mm), but its weight reduces comfort when using it. Meanwhile, the cable that connects it to the electrical current is quite long. In this first contact, it is also appreciated that the appliance has a good finish and construction. It’s the best steam vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. The controls for its handling are located on the handle and, as there are very few, you get used to it right away.

With a power of 1,600 watts, its performance improves significantly if we first use its function as a vacuum cleaner and then apply steam (softer or stronger) on the surface to be treated. It is convenient to dedicate time to both tasks to obtain the expected results; It will be worth it, especially if you have never used the best vacuum steam for tile floors of this type before.

The water tank, with a capacity of 0.4 liters, is located at the rear and has been fitted with a filter that removes any type of impurities. Likewise, for the steam function to be activated and the water to reach the necessary temperature, just 40 seconds elapse, a time that is close to the 30 seconds that its manufacturer promises. Being a cyclonic vacuum cleaner, dirt accumulates in a 0.95-liter container located in the front (on one of its sides it incorporates a button that releases the garbage without getting our hands dirty).

The alternative

It can be used with different surfaces (wood, hard floor, park…) and comes with two mops. Depending on the characteristics of the soil we will use one or the other.

Best Vacuum Steam for Tile Floors
Best Vacuum Steam for Tile Floors

Kärcher SC 2 EasyFix Steam Vacuum

Its design is completely different from its competitors. It is not the classic upright and the best vacuum steam for tile floors that, in addition to vacuuming, cleans floors and introduces a function that allows it to apply steam on the surface to be cleaned. 

We are facing a versatile best steam vacuum cleaner for pet stains suitable not only for floors, but also other surfaces such as tiles, windows, countertops, taps... Hence, it comes with different accessories such as a manual nozzle, another with concentrated jet, a specific floor or a brush. round. Its extension tube has dimensions of 2 x 0.5 meters.

It handles very comfortably: you can move and move freely while using it and its practical handle allows it to be transported from one place to another without problems (its 2.9 kg of weight also contributes to this). 

Unlike the rest of the models analyzed, the water heating time is longer (around six minutes): once it is reached, we can regulate the steam thanks to its two levels of use. Our decision will depend on the chosen surface and on whether the accumulated dirt is little or a lot. The tank capacity for water is one liter. With a power of 1,500 watts and a pressure of 3.2 bar, it provides good results.

The best value for money

To reinforce safety while in use, it incorporates a system similar to a valve that prevents the boiler from opening where the water is deposited.

Best Vacuum Steam for Tile Floors

Cecotec Conga Steam & Clean 4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

It comes with washable microfiber mops and it is possible to choose between several operating modes, depending on the use we want to give it: sweeping and vacuuming (Clean mode), mopping and scrubbing (Steam mode) or a combination of both (Steam & Clean mode). This vacuum is the best vacuum steam cleaner combo. Likewise, it gives the option to select that it expels more or less steam (Eco and Turbo levels) depending on the dirt on the floor. 

This four-in-one best vacuum steam for tile floors stands out because, thanks to its Fast Steam technology, the time you have to wait for the steam to ‘be ready’ to apply is less than 30 seconds. On the other hand, the design of the container where the water is deposited is slightly improvable because sometimes it loses a little for no apparent reason; and that the rest of the structure presents a good construction and finishes.

Meanwhile, the base has a design that we particularly liked (it is wide and with a pointed triangular finish): although at first reaching the most difficult corners is a bit more complicated than one would like, it is a question to get the hang of it. It incorporates a tank where all the dirt that we collect accumulates with a capacity of 1.2 liters. That it has been provided with a HEPA filter is another feature in its favor. This is the best rated steam vacuum cleaner for tile floors.

Best Vacuum Steam for Tile Floors

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