Best Vacuum for Wood Floors and Area Rugs 2022


Before buying multi-surface vacuums, thinking about sizes is the first consideration. Although you want to use it everywhere in your house, but a large size will not reach all areas.

It hinders your potential cleaning. When you cannot reach such areas, you can naturally create allergic problems from stored dust.

Also, on rare occasions you may have to take the vacuum cleaner to the garage or even in the car, a small vacuum cleaner can fill your desire. It helps to move here and there with little difficulty.

Also, the storage problem is another concern. Users cannot store a large size everywhere. That is why choosing a small or medium size will alleviate your storage problem. In this post, all the voids mentioned are average in size and have great features too.

Best Vacuum for Wood Floors and Area Rugs

Think wet and dry cleaning

Never expect to see your floor flooded with water. You can have a small child or pets. If they made the water dirty, can you imagine how disgusting it would be? Similarly, the wet floor could be the reason for a sudden slip, mainly on the title floor.

Yes, it is an almost common incident in all houses. Having such a home vacuum with dual functionality built in can suck up any liquid from the floor or even suck up dry dirt. A wet-function vacuum cleaner suitable for completely removing liquids.

Power Cable

Well, the power capable machine distributes the power in different directions. Vacuum can input the maximum 12 amp electrical power from external power source, please try to buy. This is because it contains useful power to function better. Otherwise choose a slightly more or less powerful vacuum.

The second thinks of the watt of air. More power produces additional air pressure to pick up heavy dirt. Indicates that you can use the carpet cleaning tool as the carpet retains additional dust. So try to buy at least 200 watts.


When the filter needs to be changed, the built-in vacuum filter change function provides relaxation. As it is not necessary to change all the vacuum just for a filter.

You will find companies that produce¬†best vacuum for area rugs and pet hair¬†with washable and replaceable filters.¬†You shouldn’t be to blame for finding such a company that provides exactly one replaceable feature.

Generally, various brands suggest replacing it when you need to change it. Please note, the maximum need to change after every 6 months when the machine got soaked with dust.


There is no option you must have a rotary vacuum for rough dust. We emphasize this as the non-rotating brush is not adept at vacuuming accurately. In addition, the rotating brush continues to rotate on the floor which specifies a proper scrub to do it without dirt.

One more thing, be sure to select the spinning option. Otherwise, you can sacrifice getting scratches from spinning too much. Just turn on the rotate option while you want to clean up uneven dust.

Best Vacuum for Wood Floors and Area Rugs

Wired or wireless

This is another vital fact before selecting the best multi surface floor vacuum. Lack of such thinking can create stress after you buy. Because many people later regret buying one, oh! Why didn’t I buy cable or wireless! Someone thinks that the cable could be the cause of the electrical incidents.

But it totally depends on the behavior of the users. Really, an easy-to-go cordless vacuum cleaner if a built-in cord can’t offer this benefit. However, several people choose the type of cable only for use at home. So think again so you don’t regret it.

Bag, container capacity

The collected dirt and liquid are deposited in a bag, but some are bagged vacuums, others are bagless vacuums. While the bag is filled with dust, you only need to transfer the dirt to the container.

Although some specific model has the characteristic of seeing the level of deposited dust. This is why you need to purchase a clear bin system to see the dust level. Others can buy a bagless upright vacuum.

HEPA filter

Many of us suffer from asthma and a dust allergy.¬†They cannot tolerate the dusty condition anyway.¬†Getting the HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air) allows you to avoid allergenic problems.¬†You shouldn’t regret buying without HEPA later.

Also, since many people have a pet at home, they can suffer from pet hair and pollen. HEPA technology is suitable to save you from allergic disease and protect you from sneezing when vacuuming.

Check what is the allergy blocking ability of your vacuum cleaner. Choose the one that has up to 99% protection against allergies.


That model can empty multiple floors, try to choose that one. Also, choose the one that has the multipurpose use feature.

Buying vacuum cleaners separately is a cause of spending unnecessary money, since you get everything in one model. So, try to carry a vacuum for carpets and hardwood floors and other exteriors.


Check each individual part of the vacuum cleaner that you are going to buy. The maximum company offers a 5-year guarantee with the rest of the guarantee from 1 to 2 years. Then the engine and other parts contain individual warranties, make sure the warranty on all parts.

Best Vacuum for Wood Floors and Area Rugs

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