Best Vacuum for Oriental Rugs

Best Cordless Vacuum for Oriental Rugs

You don’t have to take your oriental rugs for an expensive trip to the dry cleaner. In fact, if you use a few simple methods, you can clean them yourself, save some money, and extend the life of your beautiful floor coverings. The best vacuum for oriental rugs is the Shark AV993 IQ Robot Vacuum with Alexa Technology, suggested by the experts to clean all the pet hair, dust and debris from the carpets, hardwood floors, garage, berber carpets etc. 

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Best Upright Vacuum for Oriental Rugs

The oriental rug cleaning tips is to keep them well vacuumed on both sides. Removing dirt regularly prevents sharp, gritty particles from entering your oriental rug and wearing down its fibers. Regular vacuuming also makes it easier to shampoo the carpet.

Dealing with accidents and spills as soon as they occur will extend the time between shampoo washes as well. Wipe off liquids immediately and rinse with clean water and a little white vinegar. The vinegar will help prevent color bleeding and neutralize pet odors. Blot up the water and vinegar and dry your oriental rug as quickly as possible out of direct sunlight. Check the backing of the oriental rug to make sure it is completely dry to avoid damage.

Sooner or later, your oriental rug needs a deeper cleaning. Use a little mild liquid soap or carpet shampoo on a damp cloth to test color fastness in a hidden location. If the color does not come off the fabric, you are ready for the next step. A soft bristle brush or non-shedding sponge should be used saturated with your chosen shampoo or soap in a gentle brushing action that follows the nap of your oriental rug, not a vigorous scrubbing motion.

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When you’re done with the main part of your oriental rug, here’s another tip: wash the fringes too. A laundry brush that is wet with the same soap that was used on the carpet will clean the fringes. Just remember to work in a direction away from the oriental rug.

After the carpet and fringes have received their cleaning bath, they should be rinsed under cool running water to remove excess soap or shampoo. Using a window squeegee to remove excess water from the carpet is a time-saving tip that speeds drying.

After you have cleaned the core and contents of the mat, lay the mat on a flat surface to dry. Review the nap. If it feels dry, turn the oriental rug over to finish drying the backing. Once it’s completely dry, you may want to gently brush or vacuum the lint off the carpet to lift it up and make it feel softer.

Best Vacuum for Oriental Rugs

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