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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Construction Dust

To get rid of a large amount of construction pollution, a construction vacuum cleaner is purchased. Construction vacuums differ from their domestic counterparts in greater durability, power, and greater volume of dust bins. For the correct choice of a model, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the main selection criteria, as well as consider a rating based on reviews from real buyers.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Construction Dust

Criteria for choosing a good Vacuum Cleaner

One of the main criteria for choosing a construction vacuum cleaner is its power … Power is directly related to performance. In most models, the parameter is in the range of 1000 to 1400W. The higher the power, the more air can pass through the device, which means that the cleaning will be more efficient. It is also true that high power provides a greater margin of safety.

By type of filtration and collection – Vacuum cleaners are divided into devices with bags, containers and water filters. Dust bag devices are considered the cheapest and easiest to use.

Important! The bags can be reusable or disposable. Reusable bags are made of durable fabric, while disposable bags are generally made of special paper. This helps reduce your cost.

Vacuum cleaners with containers represented by cyclone-type models. In them, the garbage accumulates in a special container, which is very convenient to take out and clean. The disadvantages of such models are increased noise and rapid filter clogging. Well, the price for them is somewhat higher.

Vacuum cleaners with water filters are considered the most advanced and expensive. In them, the air is purified by passing it through water. The particles settle to the bottom of the container and clean air escapes.

Secondary criteria are additional functions that extend the capabilities of the device and improve usability.

These functions include:

Which manufacturer to choose?

It is worth giving preference to well-known brands that have proven themselves for a long time. These manufacturers include:

1. Karcher

German company that produces advanced cleaning and cleaning equipment. High quality of construction vacuum cleaner and guarantee of reliability.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Construction Dust


A recognized firm specialized in household appliances. The enormous experience allows us to create very good products for our clients.

3. Hammer

A company that creates professional quality teams. Latest technology and best materials.

4. Hitachi

The biggest Japanese concern, for which vacuum cleaners are just one area.

5. Makita

Another Japanese firm that has been providing consumers with quality products for many years.

Each of these manufacturers has different types of vacuum cleaners, including construction ones.

Dust Vacuum Cleaner for Construction Works: The Problem of Dust and Transformation Residues

Dust and transformation residues are constantly produced on construction sites.

Demolitions, excavations, clearing, drilling, crushing and grinding of inert materials, loading of concrete mixers with materials from bags or silos, demolition of artifacts in concrete with pneumatic hammers, these are just some of the operations that generate a large amount of dust.

The same result also occurs in the case of external and internal restructuring. Simply covering the furniture with the polyethylene sheets is not enough to preserve the environments, since the fine dust penetrates all the cracks.

Simply use a construction site vacuum to avoid the side effects of this build-up of debris. In this way, problems such as:

Construction site dust vacuum

Construction dust is very dangerous, especially those that contain silica. Exposure to silica dust can cause serious health damage such as silicosis, tuberculosis, and lung cancer.

These powders are produced by operations such as drilling and grinding granite, sandstone, abrasive sand, and beyond.

Various measures can be taken to reduce the level of risk from dusts, but the use of a suitable vacuum cleaner is the most immediate solution.

In this sense, the efficiency of Elsea vacuum cleaners is guaranteed by the presence of a device that makes it possible to automatically start the aspiration and cleaning of the filter when the tool is turned on and off.

In addition, the different filtration systems allow choosing the most suitable model for the category of powders produced. There are, in fact, dust vacuums for construction sites with the filtration system of category M (dust of intermediate danger) and of category H (dust of high danger and asbestos dust).

The use of a vacuum cleaner also makes it easier to contain the problem within the work area, without contaminating other environments.

In the case of partial restructuring of a building, areas not affected by the works can be preserved from dust.

Dust and liquid vacuums for construction sites

Dusts are not the only waste produced in construction sites, transformation water is also a waste that creates several problems. Removing fluid is critical for workers to work better on clean, functional construction sites.

Using a vacuum cleaner with a dual function for sucking up powders and liquids, for example the VERSO model from Elsea, is an obvious saving in time and costs.


The most suitable range of Elsea vacuums for construction sites include models such as the ALTAI and VIBRA.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Construction Dust

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