Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors and Pet Hair – To Speed Up Your Routine

In this article we will help you choose the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your needs (and those of your furry friend). We will see which are the best vacuum for concrete floors and pet hair, we will guide you throughout the product selection process. The content is divided into 5 blocks:

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors and Pet Hair

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors and Carpet

Key Points - Quick guidance on the most important points to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner

Quick Guide – With a first look at the best vacuum for concrete floors and carpet and their salient features.

Analysis and opinion – Where we give you all the details about each vacuum cleaner and our opinion about them.

Offers – List of the most popular vacuum cleaners for houses with pets, with their current offers.

Buying guide – In which we tell you all the factors to take into account when buying a vacuum cleaner for houses with dogs or cats.

Key points – What to consider before choosing a vacuum cleaner for a house with dogs or cats?

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors and Pet Hair

Type of vacuum cleaner – Think about your priorities before choosing a model. The broom type vacuum cleaners provide great versatility and comfort of use; the “sled” type are usually more powerful and economical, although less comfortable; and the hand ones can be a fantastic complement to vacuuming the sofa or the upholstery of the car.

Better a bagless vacuum cleaner – Whatever type of vacuum cleaner you choose, it is advisable to buy a model that does not need bags. Otherwise, the hair of your dogs or cats would fill each bag in a very short time and you would have to constantly change it.

Suction power – This is the most important feature in a vacuum cleaner, since it is what determines its suction capacity, an absolutely determining factor when it comes to picking up the hair of our dogs and cats. Take a good look at the results of unbiased studies and user reviews to get an idea of how each model performs in this field.

Anti-Tangle brushes – The hair of our pets tend to get tangled in the brush of the vacuum cleaner, causing jams and causing us to spend too much time maintaining the device. The most recommended, therefore, is that you choose a model that incorporates anti-tangle brushes, specially designed for the hair of dogs or cats.

Noise – Our furry ones are usually very sensitive to sounds, so you should look for a vacuum cleaner that never exceeds a sound level of 80 dB (ideally, in fact, the figure should be even less than 75 dB).

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