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Best Vacuum for Cat Hair and Litter

Pets give a lot of love, but they also make the house dirty, especially the hairiest ones like dogs and cats. And it is that depending on the time they are in, they can fill the floor, the sofa, the beds with millions of hairs. 

To clean them, vacuum cleaners that come with special accessories or with extra power are ideal to suck both hair and dust or dirt from animals more efficiently.

Best Vacuum for Cat Hair

Best Vacuum for Cat Hair and Litter‚Äč 2023

How does a pet vacuum work?

A pet vacuum works in the same way as any other vacuum cleaner. However, it has features or accessories that are very useful for houses with animals. Generally, they offer greater suction power and special brushes with which to collect dirt and hair efficiently, without getting tangled, since it is one of the most common problems in vacuum cleaners when they collect a lot of hair in a short time.

In addition, it is possible to opt for different types depending on the needs of each home and where you want to clean: the broom, sled or robot vacuum type are useful for cleaning (mainly) the floor or carpets; while the handheld ones help remove hair on sofas or in hard-to-reach areas.

Power:¬†What is its maximum suction level and if it is capable of collecting animal hair and other debris (earth, stones…) quickly.

Design: The materials used for its construction, its finish, its dimensions and weight or how it adapts to different types of surfaces, among others.

Deposit: Its capacity (determinant depending on the size of the surfaces to be vacuumed) and the method to empty and clean it.

Accessories and filter: If it comes with brushes and different specific elements for cleaning in a house with animals. Also what kind of filter does it include.

Usage experience: The different operating modes to adapt to different surfaces and amounts of dirt, how they are activated, the comfort of use on a day-to-day basis, functions to facilitate cleaning, etc.

Best Vacuum for Cat Hair

Best Vacuum for Cat and Dog Hair

The best pet vacuums

The selected models have been used for a minimum of 15 days in a house with a dog that is in the shedding season and that, in addition, goes for a walk every day through a garden area where there is mud, dirt and other traces of dirt.

The best vacuum cleaner for pets after the tests carried out is the¬†Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, since it has a special brush for long and short hair that perfectly collects all the animal’s hair, it has LED technology that makes visible dust that does not It looks and has three power modes that suck all kinds of particles and are automatically activated depending on the remains and the surface to be cleaned.

1. Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Pet Vacuum - Our First Pick

The pet broom vacuum cleaner in this comparison (which also converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner) surprises with the number of accessories that are included in the box: three brushes, a multifunction accessory , an adapter for cleaning hard-to-reach places, a tube narrow for cleaning corners and a complement as a wall mount .

The brushes are very practical for cleaning hair and dirt. Thus, the mini motorized brush collects both long and short animal hair and is cone-shaped so that it rotates in a spiral and does not get tangled.

Secondly, the Motorbar digital brush is designed to very powerfully vacuum dust from any type of floor: we have tested it on parquet and terrazzo and it has vacuumed everything without any problem. In addition, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute pet vacuum has a detangling comb inside that removes hair from the brush as it cleans.

Dimensions: 126 x 26.7 x 24.89 cm

Weight: 3.1 kg

Motor: Hyperdymium (125,000 revolutions per minute)

Finally, the third brush stands out for incorporating a green light that is projected onto the floor and helps to visualize particles that are not visible to the naked eye or small hairs and has a low profile so that it can enter under furniture.

On the other hand, the tank of this vacuum cleaner, of 0.7 liters , has enough capacity to collect all the hairs in the house at once. The filter is high-efficiency and suitable for allergy sufferers, and its cleaning is simple: the filter and the head with laser technology can be washed while the rest of the accessories are cleaned with a cloth.

Its suction power is adequate for a house with animals. Specifically, it has 230 watts (one of the highest on the market) and it is possible to regulate it through the three modes offered by the device: automatic, eco and boost. The most interesting is the automatic one, since depending on the amount of particles, hair or dirt on the floor, it adapts the power so that there are no remains. Likewise, it offers a good autonomy (about 60 minutes without interruption) although, once discharged, it takes about four and a half hours to fully charge.

The best, the worst and conclusions

The best: A great suction capacity and that both the brushes and the accessories are suitable for collecting animal hair and other debris in an optimal way.

The worst: A long loading time and that it does not have more functions that go beyond vacuuming.

Conclusion: Powerful and with a long autonomy, it adapts cleaning depending on the surface and dirt, removing hair and other debris better than any other.

Best Vacuum for Cat Hair

2. Cecotec Conga Inmortal Animal Hand vacuum cleaner for pets - The alternative and Best Value for Money

It is a handheld vacuum cleaner that has a¬†great suction capacity¬†and an¬†autonomy of up to 25 minutes¬†of continuous use.¬†It is used to clean dust and dirt in places where other vacuum cleaners cannot reach (upholstery, shelves, curtains…) and, in addition, it comes with a¬†special accessory for pets.

In this case, the Cecotec Conga Inmortal Animal Hand pet vacuum cleaner picks up hair quite quickly but as long as there is not a large amount, otherwise it takes a long time (which also causes the battery to drain quickly, in about 15 minutes). Then it takes between four and five to charge.

A point in favor is that it is capable of collecting liquids, which it leaves in the lower part of the vacuum cleaner, so they never reach the filter. On the other hand, the accessory for corners, for furniture and the extra-long flexible tube for cleaning in areas such as the interior of the car, are very effective for daily cleaning. The tank has a capacity of half a litre and the filter can be easily washed, although it must be done well so that it aspires to its maximum performance.

Best Vacuum for Cat Hair

3. AEG LX7 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

This is a classic sled model that works with a 9-meter cable and includes accessories (nozzles) for different types of floors, for corners and upholstery, and for animal hair. With a power of 750 watts, the first thing that stands out is that when vacuuming it does not make too much noise (75 dB). This is due to the combination of the motor with one of the brushes, which is very quiet and can be used on all surfaces.

For cleaning pet hair, it should be noted that the specific accessories are suitable for collecting both long and short hair. The nozzles come with a red fabric at the base in which the hairs get stuck, as long as there are not too many to collect. In the case of rotary brushes for floors, they get tangled more easily.

The AEG LX7 pet vacuum cleaner is bagless and has a special washable filter for allergies that allows the exhaust air to come out purified, making it very useful to also avoid unpleasant odors while vacuuming. The dirt storage tank has a large capacity (1.4 liters) and the vacuum cleaner weighs 7.6 kilos; Something heavy to move around the house.

4. Rowenta X-plorer Series 40 Animal Care Pet Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner does not have specific accessories, although it does have a special brush for pets that, in addition to collecting hair, also sucks up the thickest particles.

Its handling is very intuitive through the buttons located on its surface or using a very basic application (you can only program or change the cleaning mode) that, on some occasions, registers errors and stops working. With a mop after vacuuming, it does not have mapping: instead, it uses a set of infrared sensors that allow it to create a photograph of the house and move through the different rooms.

It has three cleaning modes: automatic, wall tracking (cleaning areas that it has not previously passed through) or express. The automatic one is the one that works best for a house with animals, because it is the one that does a deeper cleaning. In the case of cleaning while the pet is at home, a magnetic tape of meters (cuttable) is useful with which to indicate to the vacuum cleaner that it does not pass through a certain area (ideal for fearful dogs).

On the other hand, the autonomy of the Rowenta X-plorer Series 40 Animal Care pet vacuum cleaner is acceptable: about 150 minutes. During the tests, and after finishing, there have been a couple of occasions in which the robot did not know how to return to the base and stayed in the last place where it had cleaned.

Best Vacuum for Cat Hair

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