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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa and Carpet [Revitalize Your Furniture]

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa and Carpet

What upholstery vacuum cleaner to buy?

Water spray vacuum cleaners are an ideal option to keep your home cleaner and free of particles. In addition, they are usually versatile devices thanks to the large number of accessories that include: carpet brushes, corner nozzles, brushes for delicate floors, etc.

To choose the best specimen, you just have to think about the needs of your home and the money you are willing to invest. 

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Sofa and Bed

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Sofa and Carpet​ 2023

Characteristics to take into account to choose the best upholstery vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa

Before buying an upholstery vacuum cleaner, you should be well informed about its features and benefits. So that you can interpret them correctly, we are going to give you a series of tips:

Brushes and accessories: Vacuum cleaners with water spray usually incorporate various brushes and nozzles to adapt cleaning to each situation. Some of the most common are accessories for carpets, grooves, parquet etc.

The size of the tank: Depending on the capacity of the tank, you will have to empty the accumulated dirt more or less frequently. For greater comfort, we always recommend large tanks.

The blow function: Likewise, some of the models we have reviewed also have the blow function. This option is useful for piling up dirt before vacuuming, moving leaves from the garden, or dusting small crevices.

The filtering system: This aspect is especially relevant if you are allergic to dust. In this case, it is essential that your new vacuum cleaner has a filter system capable of trapping a high percentage of particles.

Range of action: Corded vacuum cleaners only work when connected to electricity. Therefore, you must ensure that the radius of action is sufficient for the rooms of your home.

Weight and dimensions: The light and compact models are more manageable and can be stored without taking up too much space.

Other features: Other aspects to take into account are the suction power, noise level, maintenance, design, value for money, customer service, energy consumption, etc.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Sofa and Carpet - 3 Key Factors

1. UV-C disinfection function

One of the biggest drawbacks that housewives have when cleaning with vacuum cleaners is that they do not disinfect. Luckily, there are currently some models that include the disinfection function with ultraviolet light. In this way, allergens that can live on sofas and beds are completely or 99% eliminated.

It is also common for them to integrate other functions such as the application of hot air or steam, with which it is intended to eliminate any type of bacteria. Therefore, this aspect is important and you cannot for any reason ignore it.

2. Cleaning Modes

We have already mentioned that an efficient vacuum cleaner should not only suck dust, it should offer other options or cleaning modes. Some models more versatile than others integrate several modes in a single step. Therefore they can vacuum, remove the germs that are present in the fibers of the fabric and eliminate them with a sweep of ultraviolet light.

Other equipment integrates rotating or motorized brushes that help eliminate dust mites present on sofas and beds. They also use the technology of applying steam or hot air to end the proliferation of mold or fungus in these vulnerable areas.

3. Fixing tools

Some teams integrate different fixing tools on the vacuum cleaners to make the cleaning task easier. This way you can vacuum upright without having to squat. A very important aspect for those people who find it difficult to stay in that position for long periods of time.

Others on their side may have wheels that help these teams to stay upright and also contribute to their displacement. As you can see, all these aspects are important and will help you to choose an efficient vacuum cleaner and be sure that you will carry out a deep cleaning of your home.

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