Best Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors

Vacuum Cleaner for Laminated Flooring

What you need in a vacuum laminate?

For the most part, the type of vacuum you are using in your laminate floor doesn’t matter. The main problem is what your system is capable of. You don’t need a vacuum cleaner that’s so unsightly it ruins your floor, or so gentle it doesn’t make a difference. For that reason, the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors are used very gently on the floor and clean out all the dust, debris and pet hair from the laminated flooring.

So, we have some pointers to keep in mind. The following will ensure that you are purchasing an appropriate vacuum cleaner that will not destroy your laminate finish.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors

Best Vacuum for Laminate Flooring

Make sure it's special

The best place to start would be to check that your vacuum cleaner specifies use on laminate flooring. Not everyone understands that laminate and hardwood are two distinct things. Just because a car can wash the latter doesn’t mean it will be nice to the former.

The difference is that laminate floors are made with synthetic wood. While it looks (and behaves) like wood, it does not contain natural wood fibers. Additionally, the vacuum cleaners used for laminated flooring are the same as used for the best vacuum for vinyl plank flooring.

In contrast, engineered hardwood is created from different lumber sources, while solid hardwood is made up of organic, straight boards.

But if the vacuum cleaner you want doesn’t list laminate floors, consider whether it’s suitable for use on hard floors. This is an umbrella term that typically encompasses all three types of wood finishes, as well as tiles and even ceramic floors.

Do you have a soft brush?

Vacuum cleaners suitable for hard floors should have (or come with) a gentle brush roller. Bristle brushes are great for removing dirt from carpets, however they can – and will – scrape off laminates. The softer the brush roller, the safer your floors will be.

Some vacuum cleaners may not have a soft brush as their main tool, but they may have a spare brush, especially for hard floors. Make sure your vacuum cleaner contains multi-deck or multi-surface capacity.

With some best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors, you will have to manually turn off the brushes. Whereas, the more sophisticated versions have self-adjusting heads that use a soft brush for hard floors without intervention.

Choose the one that suits you best, as long as it doesn’t obstruct your floor.

Check its features

Many vacuum cleaners for laminated floors have some cool features that will help keep your floors pristine. In addition to having self-adjusting heads, specific vacuum cleaners also polish the floor as they clean.

Another useful feature you may want to consider is suction management. Some versions have automatic suction adjustment. Others may offer several modes that you can control with a switch. However, laminate floors won’t need as much suction as, for example, a deep pile rug. 

If you opt for a multi-deck machine, however, the suction control is even more important. It’s unlikely to destroy your floor with solid suction, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors

Do not use water

You may think that since laminate floors are glossy, water won’t do much harm. In reality, though, it’s one of the fastest ways to ruin your floors.

Laminate flooring might be man-made, but it’s made to simulate wood. So it has the same flaws and water damage is a frequent criticism. It’s fine to just use a little water on the floors, but you shouldn’t soak or steam them.

For this reason, do not receive a hydraulic vacuum cleaner. But if you can’t resist one, make sure it also includes a dry capacity. Avoid steam cleaners altogether.

Take Note

A vacuum cleaner with wet / dry capacity generally means it can clean up spills. This should be fine for laminate floors. It is only a problem if the vacuum cleaner requires water to clean.

Take a look at his wheels

This applies to tanks and risers. In case you are getting a stick, backpack or handheld vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about that.

The wheels of the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors can scratch the laminate floor or leave annoying skid marks in its path. Vacuum machine wheels are no wonder of the modern world, but you should pay attention to them.

Hard floor compatible models may list soft brakes in specs, but not all manufacturers work. If this information isn’t immediately apparent, dig deeper to make sure.

If possible, arrange a demonstration of this car so you can make sense of it and assess how smoothly it travels. This will be possible, so do as much research as you can.

Quick Tip

If you’re worried about track marks on the floor, opt for one that shouldn’t touch the floor. Vacuum cleaners, handhelds and backpack vacuum cleaners are the best solution.

Types of Laminate Vacuum Cleaners

As long as your vacuum cleaner includes a brush and suitable accessories, the type shouldn’t matter too much. That said, different builds cater to different needs, so it’s worth considering. We have pondered this and determined which ones should be best.


 Don’t forget that there are versions of the models we have listed above. For example, backpack vacuums are container-based, although most commercial machines are vertical. In addition to their specifications, commercial vacuum cleaners are not very different from conventional ones.


You could also opt for a handheld vacuum cleaner if you are looking for a simpler machine. Regardless of which style you use, however, make sure it gets the specifics required.

Try commercial vacuum cleaners

They have stronger suction and are more durable than residential machines. So, if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can handle heavy heaps, consider one.

How to choose a laminate vacuum cleaner?

Since almost any machine is sufficient as long as it is compatible with hard floors, purchasing a laminate vacuum cleaner is not complicated. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before buying one:

Other requests

As you can see from the types we urge, not all vacuum cleaners are multipurpose. Ask yourself if you will only use the vacuum cleaner for your floors. If you want to wash your whole house with one machine, the risers and robots won’t.

Dimensions of your home

The more space you have to wash, the greater the reach of your vacuum cleaner. Also, when you have stairs in the house, you will need a lighter and more versatile machine.

Regular use

If you plan to use the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors every day, you should consider two things: its capacity and electricity consumption. Greater capacity means less maintenance. Battery powered machines will save you money, however they won’t be ready to use when you want them.

Animals in the house

Remember that laminate vacuums should have brushes and this will not be effective on pet hair. Therefore, consider some specifics of the vacuum cleaner before you buy it, to make sure it is suitable for homes that accept pets.

Get cleaner air

If you are looking to thoroughly clean your home, consider a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. These special filters purify the air around you while the vacuum cleaner works. They are invaluable for people with allergies.

How to clean laminate floors?

Vacuuming is great for laminate floors, but if you really want them to shine, try these tips:

Smooth Navigation

Vacuuming laminate flooring isn’t as complicated as some people believe. Any type of vacuum cleaner is fine, as long as it is equipped to glide smoothly across the floor.

However, it’s a good idea to reinstall your laminate floor regularly for best results.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors

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