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Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

Dog and cat owners can probably agree on one thing: their fur baby sheds constantly, and if you leave them on your furniture or on your bed, then you have pet hair everywhere. Pets move throughout the year, and many dog breeds have shedding seasons when they lose their coats and thick coats at the same time. If he doesn’t keep up, he will suffocate in clumps of hair. The best shark vacuums for pet hair is the Shark Rotator and Shark Navigator. Both of them are famous vacuum cleaners because of their more number of pros and less cons. 

You could be taking care of your pet every day, but you’re not just dealing with the hair; you have to rid your living space of dandruff too. For people with allergies, those microscopic skin blemishes will make them miserable if the air gets full of dandruff. Air purifiers certainly help, but you need a vacuum that can simultaneously vacuum pet hair and filter pet dander.

Vacuums, of course, come in many shapes, styles, and sizes: Upright bagless container, Vertical bagged container, Vacuum cleaner, Hand-wired, Handheld wireless device, Vacuum cleaner robot.

The vacuum that will be most effective on pet hair will depend on the size of your home and whether it has a carpet, a hardwood floor, or both.

Shark Pet Hair Vacuum

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Most vacuum cleaner manufacturers advertise that their product is best for pet hair, and some simply stamp a paw print icon on their product box to target pet owners. However, we learned from our research that the differences between a regular vacuum and a pet hair vacuum cleaners are really minimal.

In fact, when we compared handheld pet hair vacuums to “normal” vacuums in  our review of handheld vacuums , we found that they were remarkably similar. The best shark vacuum for pet hair may have an added feature, like a motorized beater brush like our top pick, the Black + Decker – HHVJ325BMP07 , or a rubber comb, but that’s about it.

Manufacturers claim that a bagged cartridge vacuum is the most powerful for deep cleaning on a regular basis. But if you’re a pet owner who wants to vacuum every day, there’s no point in taking one of those into every room and going up and down stairs.

A bagless upright vacuum is lightweight, has great maneuverability, and is easy to clean. It really is the best and most convenient way to vacuum pet hair from both carpets and bare floors.

Important features to consider

Cyclone Separation Technology – You ‘ve probably read or heard about ‘cyclone’ vacuums. Dyson is the most famous best vacuum cleaner for pet hair that uses cyclone separation. In short, it’s a method of creating a high-speed rotating airflow, like a mini cyclone, that sucks everything up in a vacuum. The vortex inside the vacuum canister keeps the pet’s hair elevated and spinning. Dust and dander are separated from the hair by centrifugal force and are trapped in an air filter.

Air Filtration – An air filtration system collects dust and dander from pet hair and, in some cases, cools the air that flows through the vacuum cleaner’s vents. All upright canister vacuums have a filter made of sponge, foam, or ribbed cloth. Filters are easy to remove and clean by simply running them through the water and squeezing them to dry.

A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, found in many air purifiers, is often a secondary filter in a vacuum cleaner and traps virtually all airborne particles. Of the three upright vacuums we tested, only our first pick, the Shark NV350 for pet hair had the additional HEPA filter.

Beater Brush Control – The rotating brush, or beater brush, found under an upright canister vacuum picks up dirt and embedded debris from a carpet, which is then vacuumed into the canister. However, whipping brushes are not effective on a hardwood floor as they spread more hair and dust than they actually brush. Look for an upright canister vacuum that has a control to turn the beater brush on and off or raise and lower it.

Special Pet Hair Brush Attachment – All vacuums have attachable accessories, such as brushes and extension rods, for vacuuming curtains, upholstery, and tight spaces. These upright and the best shark vacuum for pet hair also have an extension wand, a brush or two, and sometimes an upholstery tool, which resembles a lint brush.

Two of the upright cartridge vacuums we tested: the Shark – NV350 and the Dirt Devil – UD70355B – had a special pet hair brush attachment. It’s about a third the size of a regular beater brush, so you simply attach it to the extension pole and use it to crawl between sofa pillows or under your bed. The Dirt Devil accessory has a rubber claw, which is great for picking up hair from the pile mat.

The Best Shark Vacuums

How we test?

Test Condition

Our tester lives in a 1,200-square-foot two-bedroom condo that has approximately 90 percent low-pile carpeted flooring. Every two weeks for a six-week period, she tested the best shark vacuum for pet hair allowing her mixed-breed terrier’s hair to accumulate.

Each void was tested in a specific area of the condo, each area had carpeted and marble tile floors and various upholstered furniture, where your dog was allowed to sit and nap. If the best shark vacuum for pet Hair was portable, our tester also vacuumed sections of the condo’s fifteen carpeted stairs. All handheld pet hair vacuums were tested on the stairs.

Our tester owns a Miele bagged canister vacuum and vacuumed one area compared to the three bagless upright vacuums we decided to test. He changed the Miele bag at the beginning of the trial period so that its suction power did not decrease.

For the three portable pet hair vacuums, it also allowed dog hair to accumulate on the upholstered driver and passenger seats of your car, the carpeted floor, and the rear window area.


Our tester vacuumed each designated area three times with each vacuum during the six-week period. After vacuuming the carpets and floors, she checked the beater brush to see if there was any hair caught in the bristles. If the best shark vacuum for pet hair had a special accessory for pet hair, it would vacuum upholstered furniture. Finally, using the same accessory, he vacuumed a section of the carpeted staircase.

Easy to use

During testing, our tester observed the following:


Maneuverability: Two of the studs we tested: the Shark – NV350 and the Dirt Devil – UD70355B – had a swivel steering, allowing easy access in corners and under furniture and the bed.

Weight – Upright canister vacuums are designed to be lightweight. We tested how much effort it took to push the vacuum cleaner and also climb the stairs.

Motorized Attachment – Several vacuums have a motorized brush attachment and we determined whether motorizing the separate beater brush was actually more efficient at picking up pet hair.

Power Cord Length – A longer power cord allows convenient multi-room access from one electrical outlet.


After each vacuum, our tester documented the amount of hair, dust, and debris trapped inside the canister and how easy or difficult it was to remove. Unlike a bagged canister vacuum, which doesn’t need to change your bag after every vacuum, a bagless canister vacuum needs to have its canister emptied and washed every time.

Theoretically, your vacuum cleaner’s filters should be changed once a year, but presumably that’s advisable only if you wash the filters regularly. Our tester looked at how much dust each filter collected and washed it to determine its effectiveness the next time it vacuumed.

Handheld vacuums weren’t that easy to clean. It was a challenge to remove everything from the compact canister, and the filters were a dusty mess after each use. The Bissell – 33A1C Fluted Filter was especially troublesome to clean, as pet hair was trapped between the ridges and had to be removed by hand.

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