Best Robot Vacuum for Long Hair – Fix Your Vacuum From Getting Stuck

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair

Guide to buying the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair

If you are one of those who think that with a broom, dustpan and mop you already have more than enough to keep the floors of your house in good condition … you are right.

This is the basics, but surely you have the best robot vacuum for long hair that you take out from time to time, probably a mop to polish the parquet or flooring, etc.

Think for a moment about the amount of junk you have at home, just to clean the floors.

All this can be considerably reduced if you invest in a cleaning robot, which will finally keep the lint on the floor, without you having to invest time or effort.

It will be great for you if:

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair

Unless you invest in a very high-end appliance, keep in mind that the best robot vacuum for long hair is not going to work in depth. Come on, you don’t need to do a general cleaning from time to time, but it is not the same to attack the house when you can no longer handle the dust than to go over a “clean envelope” because the maintenance is up to date.

And besides all the best robot vacuum for long hair at home can be a source of extra fun! Here’s a sample:

How much is a good robot vacuum cleaner worth?

As always, it depends. But this is one of the cases where there is usually no cheating, and the price is a good indicator to know the quality of what you are taking. The better the mechanism, the more it will cost you, that simple. And that is why you find robot vacuum cleaners on the market in the range of one hundred euros, and others that are dangerously close to one thousand.

Does that mean that the cheapest is not going to work for you? Not necessarily, but it does mean that you are taking home a very simple appliance, which serves as a vacuum cleaner but is not going to give you all those features that you find in a high-end robot: exhaustive programming, intelligent scanning of the whole house, WiFi, etc.

So you have to find the balance between your budget and all the technical advances that you are probably going to want as soon as you see them.

If you are on a budget to buy the best vacuum for long hair, you can try a simple robot vacuum cleaner to see how far you can get the most out of it… and eventually make the leap to a more expensive one that gives you more options and customization.

Technical characteristics to take into account

Soil Type

A tiled floor is not the same as a parquet or a carpet. It is something that you should take into account when choosing the model of your robot vacuum cleaner, since there are some that do not respond well on soft floors, or have rollers that can be too aggressive for delicate wood.

If you have very thick carpets or pets that shed hair, you will be interested in the robot having an extra vacuum mode, to be able to apply maximum power in these specific areas.

best robot vacuum for long hair

Anti-Snag Rollers

Go ahead that from time to time you have to bend over and clean the robot vacuum cleaner. The dirt tank must be emptied and the rollers cleaned to ensure best performance.

However, some robot vacuum cleaners include an anti-snag system that prevents jams especially when dealing with large carpets or very dirty areas.

If you have furry pets, do not hesitate: you are interested.

Battery Duration

The bigger your home, the more you care about battery life. Most models take around 60 minutes, more than enough for daily cleaning, but there are some that can exceed two hours.

As usual when we talk about batteries, the duration given by the manufacturer is estimated and depends on whether you are using the robot in eco mode or at full power.

Charging Mode

Most models include a charging base, which is left plugged in and fixed somewhere in the house. Many robots return alone when they notice that they are running out of battery, so the base must be in an accessible place without obstacles that prevent the passage to the machine.

If you don’t have much room at home, there are some vacuum cleaners that allow you to do without the base and charge directly by plugging in with a cable.

Noise Level

A robot cleaner is usually much quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner… but it does not stop making noise. If you are going to be at home when the appliance works, find a sound level that is tolerable for you. The resistance threshold of each person is different, but from 65/70 dB it begins to be considered noise. Remember the great advantage of these appliances: you are going to be doing something else. Don’t let the mess stop you.


If you have little room at home, it is something to take into account, since the diameter can vary a lot from one model to another (and that also influences the capacity of the tank and the periodicity with which you have to empty it).

However, the most important piece of information is the height, as that will determine whether the best vacuum for long human hair can clean all the hair that are suck in the carpet.

Do not forget to check it before buying, so as not to get the unpleasant surprise that the robot does not fit under the sofa by an inch.

Wet or Dry cleaning

Although the concept of the robot vacuum cleaner is to work dry, some models incorporate a water tank that performs a function similar to scrubbing. Some work drip, others incorporate a mop that works in the wet.

It is important to say that this is not a substitute for a good traditional scrubbing, but it is an extra cleaning that will keep floors shinier and stains at bay.

Filters for Robot Vacuum

The brushes of the robot vacuum cleaner will kick up dust and particles, which can remain in the air you breathe or get into the robot’s mechanisms and damage them over time. That is why it is important that they have some type of filter, much better if it is HEPA, which in addition to avoiding these damages purifies the air while it is working. The Roomba brand uses AeroVac filters, of its own manufacture, very similar to HEPA.

Best Robot Vacuum for Long Hair

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