Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Guide: what should you take into account before buying a vacuum cleaner for dog and/or cat hair?

Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair: Pros and Cons

Before analyzing each of the different types of vacuum cleaners, it is important to highlight as a starting point that in any of the cases it is always better to choose bagless vacuum cleaners, as we have done with all the models selected here. This is so because your pet’s hair would fill the bag every very little time and you would have to change it continuously.

Best Cordless Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

Broom Vacuum Cleaners



Best Portable Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

Traditional Sled-Type Vacuum Cleaners



Handheld Vacuum Cleaners



Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

Good Suction Power

This aspect is probably the most important to consider when choosing a vacuum for pet hair. This is so because a vacuum cleaner that does not have enough power, even if it comes with many features and accessories, will not fulfill the function you are looking for of sucking the hair of the dog and / or cat.

As a general rule, vacuum cleaners with higher power will be the ones that best meet the goal of vacuuming pet hair. Think that a home with pets will have more hair throughout the house than a home without fur. In addition, it is easy for these hairs to be held tightly on sofas, carpets, upholstery, etc. Hence the importance of having the best possible power.

Regarding the power measurements to take into account to take as a reference, there is no clear consensual answer that allows us to limit exact figures. However, you will be able to detect the most suitable vacuum cleaners for pets through the evaluations and experiences obtained from users, as we have done in this post.

You will see that power is normally measured in watts (W) volts (V), or watts of air (AW). When in doubt, always choose the vacuum cleaner with the highest power. It is not worth buying a vacuum cleaner that is cheap and does not have power, because in that case, it will not give you the service you are looking for.

Another interesting point to mention is that it is recommended, although not essential, that the vacuum cleaner have more than one level of suction power since you will not always need to use the same power to clean.

Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

Accessories and specific brushes for pet hair

Verify that the vacuum cleaner you are going to buy has a brush and specific accessories for pets, because not just any vacuum cleaner is prepared to absorb well the hair of dogs and cats.


Think that when living with a pet you will have to vacuum more frequently than normal. In addition, you will have to vacuum the hairs of your furry friend located in places that are difficult to access such as under or behind home furniture, under the bed and/or sofa, etc.

All this is important that you take it into consideration because having to access complicated places in your home to vacuum your pet’s hair, you will appreciate that the vacuum cleaner you have is light and handy.

Thus, in this aspect cordless broom type vacuum cleaners win over the rest. Now, as we have already mentioned above, as a general rule, with broom vacuum cleaner you will have less power than with sled-type ones, unless you are willing to make a good investment and opt for a premium model that combines all these advantages.

Battery and autonomy

If you are clear that you want to buy a vacuum cleaner for pet hair of the broom type, make sure that the autonomy of the battery offers you enough time to be able to carry out the complete cleaning, in order to avoid leaving the cleaning halfway due to running out of battery.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy a sled vacuum cleaner or a broom type, but with a cable, you will not have this problem described above.


Each vacuum cleaner has a different sound level, measured in decibels (dB). Pay attention to the sound level that the vacuum cleaner you buy will emit, not for your comfort, but also because your pet could feel uncomfortable and scared due to the noise produced by the vacuum cleaner.

Remember that dogs and cats, and pets in general, have greater hearing sensitivity than we do, so this aspect should not be overlooked. In this sense, when in doubt, always choose the one that produces the least noise.

Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

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