Best Broom Vacuum for Pet Hair – Clever Vacuum to Get Rid of Cat Hair

Best Cordless Broom Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Which broom vacuum cleaner to select?

Broom vacuums are making a big comeback in our homes. More distinguished and effective, they are amazing devices for cleaning the kitchen or the floor without having to unpack the canister vacuum, and some are even so effective that they can be used as a primary vacuum for small homes.

We have listed in this broom vacuum cleaner purchase guide the outstanding criteria for choosing the broom vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs. This buying guide is for cordless and battery-powered upright vacuums, as they are the most popular. 

Buy the difference between a broom vacuum cleaner and the ideal vertical vacuum cleaner: Our 5 points to assess

Power and voltage, Type of power supply, Accessories, Maneuverability and ease of use, Maintenance and storage.

Suction power

As in each and every one of the vacuum cleaners, the suction power is the first indication of the cleaning efficiency of a difference between broom vacuum cleaner and upright vacuum cleaner. In the case of broom vacuum cleaners, manufacturers generally indicate:

The electrical capacity of the motor, which indicates its consumption and therefore your electricity bill.

The useful power, which represents the real power of the motor and therefore its suction capacity.

Therefore, the ideal is that you know the useful power to find the most powerful broom vacuum cleaner. The problem with broom vacuum cleaners is that this information is rarely given, so you have to rely on the battery performance voltage, which gives a good indication of the suction power of the broom vacuum cleaner. The battery voltage is usually between 12 and 24 V.

A variable power controller is quite useful, so that you only get to use the difference between a broom vacuum cleaner and an upright vacuum cleaner at full capacity at the moment you need it and still keep it running for as long as you need it.

The vast majority of broom vacuum cleaners have 2 modes of use that are the usual mode for hard floors and the Turbo or Booster mode for rugs and carpets.

Best Broom Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Broom Vacuum for Pet Hair

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is the best broom vacuum for pet hair and other household debris. The brush bar has been designed with specially angled bristles to remove pet hair from all surfaces, while the combination of a powerful motor and lightweight body make it easy.

Power supply class

Autonomy can change enormously depending on the model. It ranges from 20 min to more than 60 min in normal mode for the best devices. 

So the battery (often lithium-ion) plays a considerable role, especially when the battery is removable and the first one can be recharged when the second one is in operation. This criterion is more important if it is the main vacuum cleaner in a large home.

Best Broom Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Broom Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


All broom vacuum cleaners worthy of the name come equipped with a motorized brush, also popularly known as an electric brush, which facilitates the suction of dust from carpets and rugs. 

The rotating brush helps loosen dust trapped in the fabric, partially offsetting the lower suction power of upright vacuums compared to traditional vacuums. Motorized brushes can often be switched off (or even completely removed) to avoid damaging weak floors such as parquet.

Also, other accessories of the best broom vacuum for hardwood floors are commonly supplied. A stick vac with a built-in handheld vac typically has a long nozzle for sucking up dust in hard-to-get places (between car seats, for example), and a furniture brush-type nozzle for vacuuming up large debris.

Maneuverability and Comfort of use

Three elements are decisive for the proper handling of a broom vacuum cleaner.

The weight should be less than 4 kilograms to avoid fatigue throughout the cleaning. This is even more essential if you have a house with several floors and you will have to carry the vacuum cleaner up the stairs.

The height of the difference between the broom vacuum cleaner and the vertical vacuum cleaner must be high enough so that you do not have to bend down during cleaning.

The suction head must be movable to facilitate control of the vacuum cleaner.

Also, it can be added that the possibility of putting the broom vacuum cleaner in the parking location is convenient, to take a break during cleaning or to keep the tidy vacuum cleaner within easy reach. Stick vacuums that don’t have a parking spot usually have a rubber coating on the handle so they can be pressed against walls, but this is less practical.

Care and storage

A broom vacuum cleaner that needs very frequent filter cleaning creates restrictions for the user. The tests carried out in this context allow us to consider the quality of the filtration, which is very different from one device to another. We also look at how the dust collector is emptied, if the (motorized) brush is easy to clean, and if the hair and bristles can be easily removed.

Best Broom Vacuum for Pet Hair

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